Rank Post Traumatic songs


Ok butt faces. Its been a while now that the cd has come out, let’s see if you guys can rank your songs. From what is the best to meh.


ok for me…

Running from my shadows ~ Nothing makes sense anymore
Crossing a line ~ Watch me as I fall
World’s on fire
Hold it together
About You
Over Again
Lift off
Can’t hear you now
Place to start
Promise I can’t keep
Make it up as I go


So I don’t listen to ‘Place to start’ at all, I don’t even have it on my phone. The last part after the song its just too much so I don’t listen to it.

I also do not have ‘Make it up as I go’ on my phone. The girls voice reminds me of another singer’s voice and I don’t know its been awhile since I’ve listened.

For the song ‘Promise I can’t keep’ as of right now I can’t remember how that one goes so I am at a lost to where it goes on the list.

My favorite is definitely ‘Ghost’ and I love listening to ‘Running from my shadows’. But also following that song I have love for ‘Crossing a line’ and I really like ‘Watch me as I fall’.

I LOVE the sound and feel of ‘World’s on fire’, I like listening to it so its up there on my meme list.

At first I thought ‘hold it together’ was odd and I wasn’t for it but then I heard a part in the song and I nodded my head to it because, it happened to me…at a party…and meh but me likey the song. (I was hesitant by CAL also… just like BID–and now that’s one of me favorites :3)

I actually like About you a lot. I like how it fades away from Mike and into the part with the other guy and I like how he keeps repeating the chorus. This song is actually apart of my top above HIT.

‘Brooding’ at first I liked only a little but then after hearing it with headphones… I can’t find my headphones ;-;… I fell in love.

‘I.O.U’ is awesome, its so different and it just makes me smile when I listen. It sounds like rapper songs today.

‘Lift off’ is awesome, I love Mike’s part and Chino part but I am not a fan of MGK… his part is just…it doesn’t…for me…fit the song.

‘Can’t hear you now’ I enjoy listening to his rappy is nicey :3


From top to bottom:

Hold It Together
Over Again
Running from my shadows
World´s on fire
Crossing A Line
Promises I can´t Keep
Watch me as I fall
Nothing makes sense anymore
Can´t hear you now
Make it up as I go
Lift off
About You
Place to start

I dont put Brooding in there, because instrumental

But the bottoms aren´t bad… you can listen to everything on this album!


-Lift off
-Over again
-Watching as I fall

-Everything else


It’s not easy to do because I like them all:

Can’t hear you now : This one really lift me up everytime I listen to it

Watching as I fall : Meaningful for me

Crossing a line : I love the song, and it reminds me the smile of Mike in the video, so that’s cool.

Hold it together : Meaningful song too.

Make it up as I go : I love the voice of K.flay

Promises I can’t keep

About you : I like the rythm of this song. And it reminds me photomontages of Mike looking at the window in the plane (with the T rex, the giraffe…) :joy:

Ghosts: I love you Boris

Over again

Running from my shadow : I discovered grandson through this song, and like his music/voice too.


World’s on fire: I like the lyrics, it’s so cute.

I.O.U : I like it but still have difficulties to understand the references

Lift off

Nothing makes sense anymore

Place to start


This is my ranking for now, but I’m sure it will change later.

Hold It Together (my absolute favorite, that heavy breakdown gets me pumped every time)
Promises I Can’t Keep (the melodies are so nice and catchy)
Running From My Shadow (has a great flow from verses to chorus and the outro is just badass)
Ghosts (good chorus and I love that synth solo)
Nothing Makes Sense Anymore (probably has the best atmosphere of all tracks)
Watching As I Fall (I love the alternative sound of this song)
Over Again (emotional and raw, but the chorus gets a little repetitive)
Make It Up As I Go (great interchange between Mike and K-Flay)
Place To Start (really sets a great mood, but it’s too short)
World’s On Fire (I’m not a big fan of the instrumental and sounds used, but nice vocals from Mike)
I.O.U (some of Mike’s best rapping in a while, but not really my type of hip hop)
Crossing A Line (nice song, but the instrumental is a bit boring)
Can’t Hear You Now (don’t like much of this song, except for the chorus)
Lift Off (has a good atmosphere but it’s so slooooowww)
Brooding (cool instrumental until the stale electronic part kicks in)

Okay this almost turned out to be a full review :smile:


I don’t get how you said ‘place to start’ had a ‘really great mood’…it is depressing!


And I’m starting to think that nothing can impress you or that you are playing with your online role of ‘being the person who does like that much stuff’. I want to see a track list of all the stuff that you listen to that, in your eyes, for your ears, is the BEST!


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:flushed: somebodys cranky
I can’t say my list yet because I keep liking them differently and more each time I listen
Not to mention all have such usable quotes


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Ok look here turtleface. How is hat comment cranky?


I already gave my rank for theses songs @intheend !


Best is a relative and highly subjective term. You not being able to deal with an opinion contrary to your own is not my fault or problem.

In terms of this album, how many times and in how many different ways can you say that your best friend died and it’s been shit ever since? Because that’s essentially what this album is, it gets repetitive fast. My main beef with it is that the instrumentals are too mainstream sounding. He can rap and sing about whatever he wants, doesn’t mean I have to worship it or lie to myself and say I love it, just because Mike made it.


3: oops :grimacing:


Crossing a line
Over again
Can’t hear you Now
Watching as fall
Promises I can’t keep
Nothing makes sense anymore
Hold it together
Lift off
Running form my shadow
Worlds on fire
Make up as go
Place to start
About you


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