RE: Chat rules


ur a young poopie… we’re just going to forget that u asked that…


Chat isn’t Living Things…
And it gets annoying if everyone is using caps 24/7


Because all-caps have never been “allowed” in the LPU chat, regardless of what a band member has potentially said. Beyond that, it doesn’t really matter why because that’s the rule and it isn’t likely to change.

Not meaning to sound harsh. Sorry.


Overreacting such as typing in caps is not necessary…


Because netizens refer to this as “shouting” and it is not polite. Common netiquette rule.


lol, I know it does get annoying. I was just kidding. For the chat with mike, what was the last thing he said. Cause I got off when it froze and tried to get back on and couldn’t. Did they fix it after it froze or no?