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I had already made a thread about this exact thing with this exact post, but since early LPU11, the category for website feedback has changed, making the old thread not being able to be found and even if found, not able to be posted in.

I thought that making a thread about chat, how to work its features, and solve problems it might create would be a good idea since there isn’t much really said about it besides the basic rules below the chat.


How Do I Change My Username?
This seems to be one of the biggest things people don’t know how to do. To change your chat username, go to Manage Account: Avatar. When on that page, the box labeled “Display Name” is where your chat username comes from. Your username can only include lowercase letters and numbers, no symbols.

Why Do I Have a “1” After My Username?
You usually gain a number after your username when your connection fails and kicks you out of the chat. When your connection stops working, Tinychat doesn’t recognize it right away, and won’t say that you left until a short time later. This can happen multiple times if you are having continuous connection issues. It usually takes around 15-20 minutes for the other name to leave. You might also have this issue if you have another chat open somewhere else. Once the other name leaves the chat, if you click your name at the top of the online user list, it will remove the number from your current name.

How Do I Change the Color of My Text?
When you enter the chat, you are assigned a random color. The colors you can pick from can be rotated by sending “/color” in the chat. To pick the specific color you want, click the gear in the top right corner of the chat, then choose “Application Settings”, and click the box next to the words “Chat color” and pick the color you want, then hit “Save”. Chat colors do not save when you leave the chat and reenter later.

What Are All of the Chat Smiley Faces?
There are 9 chat smiles, and they are the following:
The codes for the similes are: :slight_smile: :frowning: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :open_mouth: :wink: 8) :expressionless: :S

How Do I Send a Private Message or Ignore Someone?
Recently Tinychat has made a change on how you send private messages. You must log in to the Tinychat Website (if you don’t already have an account, you can make one for free) before you enter chat. If you already entered chat, reload after logging in. When logged in and on chat, all you need to do is click their name on the side of the online user list, and choose “Private Message”. To get back to chat from private messages, click the button with the eye in a chat bubble, and to get back to private messages, click the button with the two chat bubbles. To ignore someone, click their name again, then choose “Ignore”. Ignoring will stop their messages from showing up in chat, but they can still see what you say. You can unignore someone the same way, but by clicking “Unignore”.

If, for any reason, you don’t want people sending you private messages, go into the gear in the top right corner of chat, click “Application settings”, and uncheck “Receive PMs”.

What Are Some Chat Shortcuts?
Hitting UP and DOWN on Your Keyboard: This will cycle through the messages you sent through chat in order, and they will show up in your message box.

Hitting TAB on Your Keyboard: This will randomly cycle though people online in chat so you can a message directed at them, but private messaging is probably easier.

Typing “/color/” in the Message Box: This will cycle your message colors.

Typing “/ignore (username)” in the Message Box: This will ignore someone you don’t want to see messages from. You replace “(username)” with the username of the person you want to ignore.

Typing “/unignore (username)” in the Message Box: This will unignore the person you ignored previously. Again, replace “(username)” with the person you ignored.

How Do I Broadcast My Webcam?
To start broadcasting, click the “Start Broadcasting” button in the top left corner of chat, after you click that, pick the webcam you want (if you have multiple), or just choose “Microphone Only”, then hit “Continue”. Then pick the microphone you want to use (again, if you have multiple) or “Camera Only”. Finally, select your Microphone Mode. Selecting “Push-To-Talk” will require you to press a button every time you want your sound broadcasted, selecting “Open Microphone” will have your microphone sound broadcasted at all times. Tinychat requires that you pick a microphone if you didn’t pick a webcam, and the other way around. When you are ready, hit “Finish”. To stop broadcasting, click “Stop Broadcasting” in the top left corner.

How Do I Hide, Mute, or Maximize/Minimize a Webcam?
To hide someone’s webcam, mute their webcam, or make it bigger and smaller, hover over the webcam you want to perform the action on, and pick “Interact”. Next, choose “Hide Video” to hide their video, hover over “Volume” and drag the bar to the point where you want the volume to be, make the webcam bigger by choosing “Maximize Video” or make it smaller by choosing “Minimize Video”.

What Are “Notifications” and “Sounds”?
Notifications are the messages in black that show up whenever someone enters the chat, leaves the chat, or changes their username. Unchecking the box will stop these messages from showing up. This is useful during band member chats when a great amount of people will be entering and leaving the chat. Sounds are the noises that the chat makes when someone sends a message. Unchecking this will only disable those noises, and not sounds made by peoples webcams. You can adjust the chat’s overall sound by hovering over the speaker button next to the user list on the side of chat, or completely muting everything by clicking it.

How Do I Change the Chat Layout?
This is something that isn’t really used that often, but I think is a nice feature to use for band chats when they are on the webcams. Right above the online users list on the side of chat, to the right of the number online, there is an arrow pointing to the right. Clicking this puts the webcams on the left side of chat, makes them bigger, and puts the actual chat, online user list, and private messages, on the right. To undo this, click the arrow pointing down in the same place the arrow point right was.

Why Does Chat Crash Every Time I Use the Paste Shortcut?
If you are having chat crashing issues when you paste using Ctrl + V, you are probably using Mozilla Firefox. I’m not sure why it does this. Switch to Google Chrome for a better Internet experience. You may also experience some issues copying and pasting things after a short amount of time, and chat will only copy and paste things that are within the chat window.

Why Can’t I Type in Chat?
If you are having issues typing in chat, you are probably using Safari. It is not known if this is fixed or why it happens. Switch to Google Chrome for a better Internet experience.

How Do I Fit the Whole Chat On My Screen?
For some reason, Tinychat thinks that the average computer screen is big enough to fit the whole chatroom on screen, when hardly any can. To make the whole chat fit on screen, click off of the chat (the background of the page, the navigation on the top of the page), and on your keyboard hit Ctrl and - at the same time. If you want to make it bigger, hit Ctrl and +, and if you want to put it back to normal, hit Ctrl and 0.

What Does the Screenshot Button Do?
Screenshot takes a picture of everyone on the webcams at the time you pressed it. This will post a message to chat that you pressed it along with a link to the picture.

Why Do My Messages Not Fit in the Message Box?
Tinychat’s message box has a limit of 90 characters.

Why Does Chat Say I’m Spamming/Flooding?
Tinychat stops you from sending messages if you try to post three or more messages really fast. Give chat a few seconds to post messages. You may also get this message by posting two links in a row without anything else in the message. If you change the time on your computer, then try to post, it might show you this message, also. Just reload chat or wait a few minutes, it should stop after trying to post a few messages.

How Do I Know Who Is a Moderator And What Do They Do?
Moderators usually have stars next to their names in the online user list on the side of chat (they may log in to chat without the star next to their name). They keep to chat safe for everyone and make sure everyone follows the rules. If you don’t follow the rules, they can ban you for a certain amount of time. There is no specific way to become a chat moderator.

How Do I Get Other Colors Than the Basics?
You can only get the black color by using the Tinychat app for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad. The neon colors are only for Tinychat Pro members.

How Do I Use Capital Letters In My Username?
You can only use capital letters in your username if you are using the Tinychat app for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad or are a Tinychat Pro member.

How Do I Broadcast YouTube Videos or Soundcloud Songs?
You can only broadcast these if you are a moderator of the chat. If you don’t want to see/hear them, go into the gear in the top right corner of chat, click “Application settings”, and uncheck “Play YouTube videos”.

Why Can’t I Enter the Chat?
If you can’t enter the chat, something might be wrong with your Internet connection. If this is happening repeatedly (you are leaving and entering over and over), there is nothing you can do to fix this. If you can’t enter at all, go to your Internet router, and turn it off for 10 seconds, then turn it back on. Do NOT use the reset button if there is one, this will reset the Internet settings and will take a ton of work to fix. If something does happen to go wrong, don’t blame me, nothing should. If even this doesn’t work, most people go to the Unofficial Backup Chatroom, the real chatroom might be down.

How Do I Remove the Facebook Bar on the Chat?
If you have the Facebook bar below the cameras on your chat, that means you connected Tinychat to Facebook at some time in the past and you are logged into Facebook right now. You can log into Facebook after you enter chat. An easier method is to go into the gear in the top right corner of chat, click “Application settings”, and uncheck “Show horizontal Facebook list”. To permanently remove this Facebook bar, go to your Application Settings, finding “Tinychat”, clicking the X on the right of it, and hitting remove. If you reload your chat, it should be gone for good.

What If My Question Isn’t Here?
Is your question not on this thread? Feel free to reply to this thread with your question, and I’ll do my best to find a solution.

LP Underground Chat Help

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