I believe what your saying is true.
BuT just like with a real family there will always be differences & some arguing.
I see where youre going with this though.


I love this! I love feel like I have family members around the world and think that we share the same love! That makes me more happy to be a proud soldier :'D
I love you all too guys


So true! I haven’t seen any fighting on here yet, but maybe there was and I missed it. I hope everyone can get along for the most part. This is such a cool community & I want everyone to be able to enjoy it :slight_smile:


[b]and all the people go…

[/b]yes thank you so true, just keep in mind when there is such a great power as LP it will be sought after by both people with light souls as well as those with dark souls. life is about balance, COEXIST thats what its all about


I’d sooner meet with LPA members than LPU members when I go to a show.


Haha! Linkinparkish!! Let’s rule the whole world with Linkin Park!!! \m/ Yeeeaah!



well said man, it should be more of a family then a community. i would love to be able to meet everyone who is a member of the lpu!


beautiful text :slight_smile: you have a very nice thought and I agree with you but unfortunately everybody fights sometimes.
Luckily here’s people like you who’s friendly and caring :slight_smile:


This is all so true! this is safe place and theres enough space for all of us!

so happy meeting you all at the front row :smiley:


I’m in (mean absolutly agree)!


I never really felt like I was in a competition with other fans of LP, I tend to make friends with people in line around me and around me in the area I’m sitting/standing.

It could just be me but I love talking to other fans and comparing opinions on songs and albums it’s a lot of fun.



Today I heart, that one of my old friends commit suicide, yesterday…

I thought that very often but that just pushes me to say this:

(You should die, one day…it would be horrable to live forever…) But:
You give all of us this special feeling, like we would not really be alone. And that keeps us alive. If one of you would has the plan to leave this universe, you would kill the band, your families and most of us… -Sorry to say that, but it’s the truth. The energy that is out there, that you created to live your lifes and that keeps us alive, would maybe not be that strong anymore then. And that risk is just too high!
If you know that, what you should now, I’m sorry to waste your time with this… But if you want that or not: This is no longer just your life.
You are not allowed to leave us (families, kids!!!, friends and fans…) alone!
Never! (Maybe when I’m gone…:wink: … no, seriously: NEVER!)

It just hurts to sit here. And there’s nothing you can do.

Like I said before:…