Reading Festival - 25.08.18


Hey all

Anyone else going to Reading Festival? It’s going to be my first festival and also the first time I’ll be seeing Mike :smiley: as I never got to see LP live. :slightly_frowning_face: I’m looking forward to it and wondered if people would wanna meet up etc?? :slightly_smiling_face: :microphone: :musical_keyboard:


Currently i am discussing it with myself if i go there😂


Unfortunately I can’t do Reading or Leeds. Looking into going to Paris…


Do, it will be amazing!!


Aw, hope you have fun in Paris!


We’ll see, not sure if I can make it yet. Trying to figure it out with my work schedule.


Wish I knew more people going to Reading!


Everyone I know is going, it’s sad I can’t make it actually.


I’m thinking about going to the Reading Festival. The fact is that I’m from Spain, and I guess his set will be short, so I don’t know if I should wait for him to come here (which is unlikely), or even wait for another show in the UK which might be longer (maybe a headlining show?).

Obviously, I would enjoy Sum 41, which is one of my fave bands, Papa Roach, Man With A Mission and others. But Mike will be the main reason to go.

What’s your opinion on this? :slight_smile:


I don’t think it will be that short as his album is out on the 15th so he’s going to have a lot more songs to play. Yeah I’m hoping he will do more in the UK too! :smiley: There are some good acts as well, I’d go it will be fun!


Depends how far down he’s on the bill. I assume his sets at these festivals will be around 45min to an hour. Personally, I found Reading and Leeds way too expensive (and I am in the UK) so I’m spending almost the same amount of money (maybe less) to go to France.
Then again, if you like the others artists too why not go?


So far I only have tickets for leeds, but I think I will get for reading as well! I am also coming to see him for the first time going from Denmark!
Hoping to meet other fans as I am coming by myself… anyone else know the feeling of being the only LP fan among your friends :frowning:


at the moment im by myself…my cousin may come as well but shes unsure at the moment. I would meet up if you came :slightly_smiling_face:


Cool! The reason why I got for leeds first was because my friend lives right outside Leeds, and she may also want to go to leeds with me… But think I can afford reading as well. Will write you if/when I’ve got my ticket :slight_smile:


great ill be waiting to hear :smile:


I was trying to organise my trip last night, but I have some issues… because I don’t know when the festival will start or when it’ll end, and the trip from London to leeds will take some time obviously. Do you know what time the individual days start and end? And will we get a program of when mike will be playing?

Sorry for all my questions btw :sweat_smile: I really want it to work out, but would be a waste of money if I can’t make it :thinking:


All you need to know is on the website


Thanks! But I’ve been looking in the website for some time, and as far as I can tell it only says when you can use the day ticket to get in, not when it starts or ends :thinking:


Maybe wait a bit. They will announce set times eventually. I’d assume the day will be over by midnight, 1am the latest (considering that the festival grounds are far away from the town so no curfew).


That make sence. Just wish they would announce it, so I can know for sure that I can make both of mike shows. And my flights are not getting cheaper the closer we get :joy: