Real Talk: LP Underground


So this is kinda late because I’ve been a bit busy and forgot about it. I’ll still be doing Week 4 on the right date, because the discussion on this one doesn’t have to stop just because a new one came out.

This week is centered around LPU albums (Songs from the Underground & A Decade Underground, also), as well as past years of LPU in general.

Discussion isn’t limited to just the music on the album itself, it can be it’s promotion, artwork, music videos, or anything else linking to the album.

##What Should the Next “Real Talk” Topic Discuss?
These don’t have to be only about albums, it could be anything, but albums seem like the easiest thing to discuss. I feel we shouldn’t make topics about demo releases, single songs, or live albums, though.

  • Hybrid Theory
  • Reanimation
  • Meteora
  • Collision Course
  • Minutes to Midnight
  • A Thousand Suns
  • Living Things
  • Something else? (reply with answer)

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##Past “Real Talk” Discussions

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I think most LPU albums are great. However the early ones (2-7) I’m not too fond of as they’re short and mostly live. I like 8 and onward. 12 is probably my fav with 10 close behind. Though I never got the point of SFTU and ADU they’re practically the same except for the 2 extra songs.


In general, I like them all. I think it’s pretty cool that we get these demos and live songs. Especially the demos, it’s really interesting to know how much a song developed and understand the amount of work it was put into making it.

Apart from HT EP (LPU 1), I can’t say I really liked any of the cds till 8. If I had to choose a song, it’d probably be Reading My Eyes from 6.

Music wise:
8: I like it cause it’s a joke cd, I thought it was hilarious to put it out. Needless to say I was surprised when I got it cause I was expecting a regular cd. It was my first year in the LPU and I thought I was trolled.
9: This is probably my favorite one. I absolutely adore Drawing, Fear and Drum Song. Really good demos on it.
X, 11, 12, 13: I liked that they started to add songs that almost made it to the studio albums. I Have Not Begun, Robot Boy (Test mix), Soundtrack, Debris, So Far Away, Holding Company and Primo are my favorites.
14, 15: Nothing exciting. I am waiting for that Welcome demo though.

Overall, I think 9 and 12 were my favorite years. Good merch, amazing artwork (especially 12) and stuff was actually happening.
It’s not a secret the LPU has changed (in a bad way) since X. Some years have been pretty bad, some were better, and I really want to see it come to life again. I want chats, activity on the site in general, more LPUTV episodes and a seperate site. I’m not a fan of the merged sites at all. (I won’t speak on the “exclusive” stuff, cause we all know nothing LPU related stays within the LPU).

I think SFTU was basically for non LPU people to get a taste of it, like a best of or something.


Every time I get aware, what this plattform here is able to be, is absolute incredible! The poll and the Real Talk idea is great…in order that we cannot only have fun :stuck_out_tongue: looks great Jordan,@tripleXero looking fwd top the cool pic you presage to us, so me I decide to go on with HT…came right out of my stomach and I wasn´t the only one :relaxed:


I agree with mostly everything you said

1: Was nice for them to release HTEP again for the big fans at the time, because most people weren’t going to get their hands on a legit copy of the original album. I kinda wish they would do the same with the Xero demo tape now, too, since we really don’t have good quality versions of those songs still. Not as an LPU album though, as a side download or something.

2: Had a nice mix of songs. I still want to hear more potential Reanimation remixes. My December being there was kinda weird, though.

3: A somewhat weird album looking at it compared to other albums at the time. This was basically the leftovers from Live in Texas that didn’t make the audio CD, which is kinda cool and odd at the same time. Better than random songs that have no significance being there (LPU7).

4: Another nice album with a good variety of songs. I like live songs like this, they’re unique. I wouldn’t mind more covers on future albums. Also the start of Breaking the Habit’s LPU takeover.

Breaking the Habit Count: 1

5: This year’s album was decent. Public Service Announcement was cool. These songs don’t sound particularly amazing compared to the studio versions, but they really aren’t played live often.

Breaking the Habit Count: 2

6: Another good mix of songs. It’s weird to see the same song on it twice, but not in a bad way. I really like Announcement Public Service.

Breaking the Habit Count: 3

7: Awful album in my opinion. All the songs are just general performances, nothing special about them at all. The only appeal I could see from this would be is if you were at one of these shows. Really should have been a Projekt Revolution sampler or something. I really liked the art direction with this year of LPU, though.

8: My first year of LPU, too. Got it accidentally when trying to get Songs from the Underground. I thought the album was put in there accidentally at first, because I knew nothing about LPU at the time and didn’t know Linkin Park ever made songs like this. Loved the art this year, too (not the Mmm… Cookies art, the darker art of the website and stuff).

9: In my opinion, the ideal LPU album. Had a great mix of demos from different time periods in their career and a variety of instrumentals and lyrical demos. I didn’t like though that they edited the demos. It makes you wonder what other demos are edited. There were also rumors that Pictureboard was supposed to originally be on here, which makes sense since this was the first album that was dedicated to just demos. Drawing was pretty awesome.

Breaking the Habit Count: 4

10: Really bad year in general. It’s the reason LPU is as slow as it is now. Album wise, it was decent. Too many instrumentals, in my opinion. Coal, even though it was an instrumental, was my favorite. I’m still confused though, was Mike’s What I’ve Done remix a demo, or just meant to be included in the album? Because it’s slightly different than the Minutes to Midnight version.

11: This year’s album was pretty good. I question the reason to add the In the End demo, though. It wasn’t significantly different than existing demos out there. I guess I’m kinda contradicting what I said about LPU1, though.

12: Like the previous year, it was pretty good. I really like So Far Away. Same thing with In the End’s demo, forgotten kinda stands out.

13: Also about at the same level at 11 and 12. Primo was pretty great. The Until it Breaks demos were nice, as well. The songs from the other artists that won the contest were good, but it’s still kinda odd they were included on an LPU album.

14: Really can’t say I liked this album that much. Breaking the Habit was probably the most interesting, and that’s just because I liked to see how it evolved given it’s backstory, on it’s own, it’s not a good demo.

Breaking the Habit Count: 5

15: A bit too soon to tell right now, but this year seems pretty good so far. I do wish we would have gotten the other 6 on CD, but it still can happen.


I hadn’t realized we had gotten so many BTH songs. I do agree that it’s awesome to see how the song progressed, especially with Mike singing (badly :stuck_out_tongue: ) on 14.

Also, I wonder about that WID remix too. Maybe they were short on songs and Mike just threw it in?

Wasn’t there a recent video (2013-2014 or so) of Mike I think discussing Pictureboard and them not understanding why we want that demo so much? Or was it a chat? Something that implied they won’t be releasing it.

Oh, do we know if Mike still chooses the songs that go on the LPU albums?