Real Talk: Reanimation


Here we are again, with Reanimation! it was pretty close to a week, and to be honest, the reason it wasn’t exactly a week this time was because I couldn’t make a good looking header image. I’m still not honestly satisfied with this one, but it’ll have to do.

Like in the past, discussion isn’t limited to just the music. Anything related to the album such as its promotion, artwork, music videos, etc. is fair game.

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Reanimation, don’t really have much to say about this one, solid album, great versions of songs. I own 2 copies of the CD because I thought the second one I bought was some sort of spec ed, turns out it wasn’t.


I couldn’t care less about this a couple years ago, but when I heard the album last year, I was amazed! Some versions are better than the original songs. Plus, these tracks are actually worthy of being called ‘remixes’, cause most remixes today are just boring EDM beats (looking at you Recharged).


Reanimation is one of the best remix albums out there. It’s a shame that Recharged didn’t meet up to the expectations that I was looking for as I felt disappointed. Each remix is either on par with the song or even better than it (and that is very hard to beat with the songs from Hybrid Theory). My favourite remixes on there are everyone with Mike, 1stp Klosr, By Myself and Points of Authority.

In fact, I remember watching the video for Points of Authority during a break on a kids programme, I can’t remember which one for sure.

The artwork for the album is very well done as well. :+1:

Anyway, for me, it is a definite 10/10


I didn’t think I would like reanimation at the start but after listening to it, I freaking love it. I love tracks like Ppr:kut and Plc.4 Mie Haed which I never thought I would like something like that but they did such a bang up job on it.


One of my favorites album really like the artwork,and Krwlng is one of the best song along with 1stp klosr, Wth.You, but i love every song in this album, is a great remix album in every aspect


I recently listened to this album. Never heard remixes like it. From Opening to Krwlng,I was blown away by this album. Collaborations are good. The only weak song imo is My Dsmbr.Its just too boring for me. My favourites are P5hng Mei Aw*y and Krwlng. Actually these two are also in my top 10 LP list. Krwlng is a very special song for me. It made me cry just from the music. Haven’t cried on any other song ever.
P.S. @jFar920 I really like the header artwork. Its beautiful.


I really like this album. Listening the Opening to Krwlng and impressive! Their remixes was so nice… (Except My<Dsmbr that kinda boring and I don’t like its remix)…

Also I’m searching for their music videos and some are from the band and some are from MTV pops out of my search… I don’t really get it on some of their music videos of MTV… After watching all of the videos (Opening to Krwlng) I was disgusted to P5hing Me Aw*y that it means “a cannibal in a work”? And I’m not sure what it means… I like the music video of FRGT/10 and Pts.Of.Athrty and I get the meaning a little… X-Ecutioner Style was a funny one because it refers to a animated cartoon boy that have a bad luck and keeps opening his mouth :joy: (As Chester screams) … Also 1stp Klosr too because the (Goku?) piñata has a curse magic and gets revenged :joy: I was not expected that Joe is in the video of Pp:rkut and Kyur4 Th Ich… Finally, the Krwlng music video is also didn’t get the meaning…

This album is one of my best and nice to heard their remixes…