Real Talk: Recharged


For the start of these new series of discussion topics on Linkin Park albums, I wanted to start with Recharged. The album seems to sometimes be more controversial between Linkin Park fans than Minutes to Midnight was when it first came out.

Discussion isn’t limited to just the music on the album itself, it can be it’s promotion, artwork, music videos, or anything else linking to the album.

##What Should the Next “Real Talk” Topic Discuss?
These don’t have to be only about albums, it could be anything, but albums seem like the easiest thing to discuss. I feel we shouldn’t make topics about demo releases, single songs, or live albums, though.

  • Hybrid Theory
  • Reanimation
  • Meteora
  • Collision Course
  • Minutes to Midnight
  • A Thousand Suns
  • Living Things
  • The Hunting Party
  • LP Underground albums as a whole
  • Something else? (reply with answer)

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Sry and serious: if Party recharged is giving LP Spirit To Folk :joy:


I feel the most disappointing thing about this album to most is that it had the expectations of a second Reanimation (even though we mostly knew what was coming beforehand). I think some songs on it could have qualified under this category, probably just the songs with new vocals, though.

A lot of people also didn’t really like the techno/EDM/whatever going on. I think that really wasn’t the problem. The songs were just super bland. I still can’t tell the difference between the Enferno Powerless remix and the Tom Swoon Burn it Down remix until 10 seconds into it, and they’re placed right next to each other on the album.

Going back to us knowing what was on the album beforehand 6 of the 14 songs on the album we released as “exclusives” for those who preordered Living Things. I know the Killsonik remix of Lost in the Echo was released before Recharged was announced, as well, and I think possibly others. So we got about 7 “new” songs.

On to specific songs, I usually don’t listen to any of the songs besides the ones with new lyrics, but I do have some things to say about others.

Mike’s Victimized remix seemed like it had potential to be great, and I still like it to an extent, but that damn pounding sound through half the song and the obnoxious airhorn-like sounds ruin it. Around 1:20 it just sounds like a mess of sounds.

Mike’s Castle of Glass remix has that annoying gradually getting louder noise in the beginning that also makes me turn my volume down thinking it’s going to get too loud. The rest of the song is eh. It’s not really bad, I guess, just not my style. Seems like vocals could be louder though.

Rick’s A Light That Never Comes “reboot” is awful. There’s nothing else about it


Real good differntation Jordan… Have we any plattform To Share MUSIK? @TripleXero


DIFFERENTATION :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat::smile_cat:


Like Jordan said, I think this album would have been way more successful if they had followed the Reanimation path with it.
I’m not an EDM/house/techno/electro fan, I despise such music but I was willing to give this one a listen. Needless to say I didn’t like it, and that’s sad cause I think some songs had great potential.
If I had to choose a song, I’d say Skin To Bone (Nick cCatchdubs remix) is my favorite. I love Ryu’s verse on it.

As for future discussions, I’d really really like to see one about ATS. I believe opinions differ a lot about it.


Pretty much what @TripleXero and @EvoOba said. They just took a bunch of weak songs and completley crushed them. I didn’t even think it was possible to make UIB any worse than it already is.

The only reason I bought it was because my OCD kicked in and I wanted to add it to my LP collection. On another note, I think the art work is great.

This. The bass is sickening. It’s the sort of thing I feel when I get a headache a massive pounding in my head. It’s something to perform CPR to lol


Oh, yes!! I absolutely love the art!


I think recharged is definitely their weakest album. I really enjoy A light that never comes and the COG remix though, but other songs just feel ‘‘soulless’’.
It seemed to me that the album came a bit out of nowhere, like a quick cash-grab. I know that’s probably not the case, but still.
I think the EDM genre overall doesn’t really fit the band. I hope they stay away from it in the future.


for bridges and Joes solos it has ever been and will ever be a part of their music, recharged showing their radicalst edm faces, just for fun and the sake of getting the possibilities maybe also!


Actually, if they (well, Mike) weren’t obsessed with Aoki and EDM in the first place none of this would have happened.

Joe could easily do a solo without it being just EDM (i.e RAR 2001) but with all this bad influence, he couldn’t help it. It’s the one part I wish they took off the setlist.


for me it is like givig all colours to the rainbow


I appreciate their interest in working with different styles all the time, but this is just meh


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What amazes me most is that we have both “serious” & “Recharged” in the same sentence. :stuck_out_tongue:


But what if the sentence is “you like Recharged, are you bloody serious?” :stuck_out_tongue: