Reanimation 5.1 - Other Surround Sound Albums/OSTs


Is anyone aware of the existence of this? I just bought myself a surround sound system so I can finally crank my Reanimation 5.1 and it, is AMAZING!

For those of you who don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, some music released in a format that has 6 channels (5 speakers + 1 sub) instead of your usual 2 channel stereo (that you get on cds / itunes). Thus giving you surround sound music.

Has anybody else listened to Reanimation 5.1 or any other 5.1 channeled music? I’ve also got the Inception & Social Network OST on blu ray 5.1 and they are amazing. Definitely recommended for the audiophiles out there =].

If any of the big 6 LP members read this, please release more 5.1 Linkin Park material?


Yeah I think everyone knows…


I know about it, but don’t own it to try it out. I would love some 5.1 albums, except then it’ll sound unimpressive in the car or with headphones later I’d think lol.