Reanimation vinyl reissue?!


Hey guys, new to the forum so excuse me if this was posted already.

If you are not familiar with the vinyl pressings of LP’S albums, reanimation is somewhat a “holy grail” for collections. Right now it goes for about $300 USD pretty much anywhere you can find it.

My reason for posting today is to see if anyone know if the band plans to “reissue” or “repress” the album. If not, then can we start a, kickstarter, or go fund me page?

You guys know you want it! Let’s make it happen, plzzz?

Thanks guys, T.J.


I found one for just 35 euros. You just gotta search more.


Was it an official pressing though? I’ve been on the lookout for one going into a year now and the cheapest I’ve seen that’s official and in stock is 200 or something. Do you remember where and when you found it?


Yeah it was. I called the store to check they had it indeed and dropped by a few days later to check it out. It is an old record store here in Athens. I found via Discogs, you can check there. It was a while ago though, not sure if they still have it.


Ah very cool, I’ll have to call some stores I haven’t been to yet. I love discogs though, but everyone on there has it posted for like 350. It’s on my watch list though, so we’ll see. Thanks for the help though!


And I just checked and they’ve sold it, so I assume it won’t be on Discogs either. Good luck finding a cheap one.