Reanimation vs. RECHARGED


Now that we have 2 remix albums I thought it would be interesting to discuss them.
Personaly I think that Reanimation is wa-a-a-a-a-ay better.
What are your thoughts, fellow LPUers?


I think Reanimation and Recharged are equally as good. I love Recharged.


I personally don’t like remixes. I think it’s never as good as the original.
But if I have to choose… I think I liked more Recharged than Reanimation


i loved them both but i liked reanimation!


Only thing I really like about recharged is the remixes my Killsonik and Schoolboy.

Reanimation beats recharged so badly it’s not even funny.


Recharge has nothing on Reanimation.


I love Reanimation and I dislike Recharged. 5-1 for Reanimation so far :wink:


Loved every song on Reanimation and disliked every song on Recharged with the exception of like two songs. But I can’t stand most dub step type remixes so my opinion is a biased one. Recharged just wasn’t something I could get into and really is the first and hopefully only Linkin Park album I will not be purchasing.


Recharged remixes: totally dislike-awesome
Reanimation remixes: okey-awesome

That means that recharged includes remixes i don’t like, but reanimation hasn’t. So i go with REANIMATION


Those are the things I am thinking about! You are definitely right!


Absolutely Reanimation, because it contains reinterpretations of Hybrid Theory songs. Recharged is only a collection of old Living Things remixed song that LP give away for all users that pre-ordered the album last year. I only save few remixes, like the Castle of Glass remix, the DJ Vice remix of I’ll Be Gone, the Datsik remix of Until It Breaks and the Skin to Bone remix.


Reanimation \o/ (Recharged is not even close to reanimation !)


Reanimation took a good while to make, they were reinterpretations of the original songs, still one of the best remix albums I have ever heard, it is just a pure classic. Recharged on the other hand is something they selected in 10 mins from a long list of “Remixes”. Added a few lyrics on like 2-3 songs and Presto a new “remix” album was made, oh and they added ALTNC to it xD


[quote=BigBadBen]i loved them both but i liked reanimation!
Can’t argue with that!


Reanimation all the way! I like Recharged as well though, but it just doesn’t beat Reanimation.


Love Reanimation, like RECHARGED.
Not the greatest fan of dubstep, but the remixes sound pretty good.


reanimation all the way! i still listen to that album 11 years later. the thing that separates reanimation from recharged is the fact that, even though all the tracks were different in their own way, there was a flow and synergy that brought the whole album together. recharged has good tracks, don’t get me wrong, but there’s nothing that ties them together and makes it complete. plus, two of the songs have two different versions.


i love EDM, and most of the remixes on RECHARGED are pretty amazing, except like 3 or 4 but RECHARGED is NOTHING compared to Reanimation

tbh Reanimation is probably my favourite LP album, tied with ATS… so yeah, as much as i love RECHARGED and it is a decent album with some pretty awesome songs on it, i think it’s got nothing on Reanimation :c


Reanimation for me


Looking at the each remix album and when they were released, they both reflex what is popular at the time. Based on this evidence I am more partial to Reanimation. Dubstep in general seems to be white noise to me and I tend to forget what I am listening to in 5 seconds. There really isn’t much taste or flow to dubstep. It’s about how many bass ‘wah wah’s’ we can put into a song. LP, in my opinion was a little lazy when they decided to release Recharged. At least with Reanimation had more of a solid concept and more flow that Recharged. Don’t get me wrong, there are parts of Recharged I enjoy, but I see room for more effort.