Rebellion - How was the song guys?


I listened to it on BBC when there was Chester live and now I am listening to it again and again !!! The song has an awesome intro and Mike is melodious as always. But Chester is back with the good old SCREAM !!!

Just loved it !


I have to say, it’s my favorite from the new album so far. I loved the scream and Daron’s guitar!


Out of the 4 I have heard so far it’s my #2 favorite.


That guitar part was insane. I love the new song and can’t wait to hear the rest of the album!


Yeah) It’s are very cool![cool][cool]

Vocals Mike surprised the… I did not expect to hear it)


Well, not exactly thrilled about this one. IMHO, Wastelands and Guilty All The Same are a bit better. Mainly because Mike doesn’t sing in those.


wel… idk, i have always thought that lp have their own unique style/sound and this reminds me SOAD so close that i am not able to see the style anymore :-/ It’s not bad, but is wishy-washy …


I’m going to hold out and wait until the album’s released before I hear it, I’ve heard the other three songs, though


I love it, there’s just something about the chorus that hits home


I don’t think it is good.but it must be very good on live


Rebellion is my third favorite from the album, behind Final Masquerade and Mark The Graves, those tracks were awsome !! loved the album!!! I will give the album 9 and a half out of 10 points. because there are 10 song + two interludes instead of 11 songs + 1 or 2 interludes as all the other albums except ATS. Drawbar was awsome( surprising but awsome), The Summoning was not that great but okey, it’s only a 1 minute interlude, but it was okey. i hate when there are interludes in the middle of the album, it’s okey when it is an album intro or a interlude somewhere at the end, but not in the midle of the album( hate that). like on ATS, there it is only 9 songs and 6 interludes/intro. The Requiem, Jornada Del Muerto, Wisdom,Justice And Love, Fallout where cool, but The Radiance and Empty Spaces was just so bad, that they ruin the start of the album. Empty Spaces should just be a ending on Burning In The Skies!


I listened to it on BBC too. I was like Andy, trying not to listen to the songs until I have the CD on my hands, to keep the surprise… But I couldn’t handle myself, I had to listen to it!
I really liked “Rebellion”. The way Mike sings surprised me. It sounds different, but in a good way. And Chester screaming is just perfect, like always.


This song sounds a little bit in the style of SOAD, Mike and vocals too.
SOAD + LP = Rebellion


I like the song, Mike’s singing and the cool guitar sound! But I think, Rebellion would be even better, if they had omitted the screaming part. It’s unusual for me to say, cause I love Chesters screams. But in that case, I think they are to rough / extreme or so. I’m probably the only one who thinks that [wink]


Just Awesome


An unbelievable sound to the song. I just simply cannot stop listening to it. Probably now on my list at #3 of favourite songs. I am SO addicted! Linkin Park has, is and always will completely rock my world.

PLEASE come back to South Africa, I am living for the day the announcement is made. I went to both the LP shows in 2012 here.


With this song, I’m starting to regret had never listened to S.O.A.D.

They have an awesome guitarist


One of the best songs from THP.


rebellion is definitely gonna be one of my favs from the new album
its amazing