Received my first merch order from LPU store


Didn’t disappoint! I got a pick set and LPU 15 pick. I have this glass bowl of special artist’s picks I’ve been building and they were a great addition. Too narrow to use as emergency picks because forever losing my own will always be a thing but great addition to the bowl.
I’m less worried about ordering more now. I was just sort of concerned because my first ever purchase was the Celebrate Life hoodie and I had to call three times to get them to ship it… Although I realize that was because of special circumstances.


Great! Enjoy your l.p. stuff


How long did it take you to get your LPU merch? I ordered my celebrate life merch in mid October and still waiting… And for my LPU 17 order, it has been really hard to get any follow up back from anyone. Just wondering…


For the picks, it was probably around two weeks? Kinda long but not so bad.
I ordered my life hoodie in earlier Oct, got in early November. But like I said, I had to have a friend keep calling them, tracking down my specific order. If you still haven’t got it, I’d call for sure. Make sure you have your order number.
The LPU 17 bundle doesn’t start shipping 'til the 13th.