I do not know about you?
I would love to hear your opinion.
My Opinion:
A bigger shit than Recharged I have seldom heard.


It is just reinterpretation of LT so it is just like “RELIVING THINGS” released sometimes back by LPA.
I am waiting for their next album :slight_smile:


I know exactly what is “Recharged”.
Still, I find that it is not particularly successful.
It has simply nothing to do for me with different combinations of music.
Even if it is just a reinterpretation of the songs from “Living Things”.
I just think the “Reanimation” was the more appropriate.


Yeah I do agree. LP made a platform to release ALTNC so they did this I guess. But this album goes into collection of all LP fans.

Reanimation is all time favorite !


I agree with you.
Thank you[smile][smile]


Recharged is nothing less than a great album. It is true that Linkin Park has evolved but that doesn’t make them bad in anyway. Linkin Park will always be my favorite band. This album is another great remix but to be honest Reanimation is a little better but in no way is Recharged a bad album. I’m sick of all the hate on this album. Anyways Recharged is a great album to crank up and jam to and definitely recommend it. LP 4 Life!


Reanimation is a good álbum, but recharged, sorry I have listening the full álbum and I have to say, one time and never more… there is only one song acceptable, the single a light that never come, the rest of album is shit.

Sorry for this opinion, but I am a big fan of linkin park, but this album I prefer to forget…

Why linkin park, WHY???


I like a few tracks on it, but doesn’t really seem refreshing or seemed to simple since half of those songs came out way earlier than the album release. I think they could of added a few extra songs, that wouldn’t hurt.


I can’t stand dub step so I could never like this album as a whole. I like A Light That Never Comes and one of the remixes but that is really it. This is the first time I’ve been disappointed in something Linkin Park has produced and I’m guessing that since this is just a remix album it will probably be the last time they disappoint me. Recharged is just not for me and good for the people who do like it. I still love this band eagerly look forward to their next studio release.


honestly… i cannot be bothered to listen to the remix tracks of recharged
im sure mike and the others did a great job… i love them
but im just not interested somehow
i rather just keep listening to living things 10 times a day, im all good with that


Yes … in fact the album is not what people wanted to hear it, these cheap remixes … Only worth listening to remixes, this remix Shinoda and the rest somehow not really … Much blood comes out of your ears …
I love dubstep, but this album is really disappointing, even here there is not dubstep … I once just did not like A Thousand Suns, and now he was listening very often … These new direction in music just need to get used to, I guess … Over time, you begin to understand that this is not a thing and listen plosion can completely))