Redeem code doesn't work



So last November I saw Linkin Park live in Amsterdam, which was the most amazing experience I’ve had so far!
It was my first concert too, couldn’t be better right? haha!
I bought some merch at the venue and got a redeem code but it doesnt work,
has anyone had the same?


Hey, i also went in november, Meet&Greet in Kőln Germany, and have the same issue. Wanted to use it today to join the live chat :frowning:


Are you guys talking about the 1 free month of the LPU code? Cause if that’s the case, you should know that you don’t have access to the entire LPU community with that. You can only lurk around, not access the chat or the exclusive LPUTV episodes etc.


I don’t know about that, I know older codes in past years were like that, but I think now you get full access for that month. I never have tested it because I never have reason to


@TripleXero Really? Wow. Last time I got my hands on one was last year with THP’s release and gave it away but the person who got it didn’t have access to the chat room etc. So yeah, maybe they did change it.


I told @dolcezarzamora the THP code and she could get in chat and the forums, so I don’t know