Relationship Problems


Sometimes I wonder if any of my relationships ever work… I need some support right now. Im having a hard time.


I’m not an expert, but I can listen to you.


I am not an good in these types of things but I will try to help and I Will be here for you


I have been some really horrible relationships in my life - family, friends, husband. I know how hard it can be and these things can leave you feeling depressed, hopeless and unloved. I can relate if you want to talk. No pressure. Just peace and love.


@adrianne62 @StephLP18 @IronSoldier16 Thank you all. I appreciate it. My bf broke up with me yesterday. He tried to keep it a secret. He did hand symbols behind me to let everyone but me know that we weren’t together. But my friend whos name I won’t mention, told me and when he was telling me my then bf was trying to make him be quiet but he said that wasn’t right. I just feel like all my relationships go down the drain. Thank you all for listening to me. I know that I’m young and all but I’m so grateful for all of you!


@myapz That is awful that your bf was so insensitive and disrespectful to you. You must be hurting terribly. This person is probably not good for you and I am thinking that there is someone wonderful waiting for you right around the corner. Be open to that happening and keep positive. Reach out to us if you are feeling down and we will do everything we can to hold up you up…always.


@adrianne62 Thank you. This means alot to me that you’re so helpful and caring. I am. This hurts that it happened. But I know I have to stay strong.


I’m sorry you went through that. Feel free to shoot me a DM if you want to chat.


I’m always here to listen


@audie820 Thanks. I appreciate that. Ill reach out to you if I need. :grinning: @melisLP Thanks. I just feel like Iḿ not good enough for anyone.


So the craziest thing happened today. My best friend asked me out today. He is the same one who helped me during my breakup. What should I do?


This is always a tough situation. You don’t want to ruin the friendship but, maybe there’s more there. Do you have those kind of feelings for him? Take it slow if so. Don’t rush or push something that’s not there. The most important thing is to be honest.


@melisLP This is a very tough situation like you said. I do have those kinds of feelings for him. I just don’t wanna ruin that friendship. But I don’t feel like I’ll ruin that because he asked me out.


As long as you’re honest I don’t think so either. I once dated a friend, we realized it wasn’t working and broke up but, remained friends. Just take your time


@myapz - I agree with @melisLP - If you are both honest and take things slowly, you will discover whether he is the one who deserves you or if you are better off as friends. Either outcome is beautiful! :purple_heart::blue_heart:


@melisLP and @adrianne62 I will definitely take your advice. We’ve been together for a week and we’re taking it slowly. It’s going good so far.


Sorry for not responding for 7 days or a week lol :joy: Everything with me is going good so far. I wanted to see how all ya’ll are doing. @melisLP @adrianne62 @audie820 @StephLP18 and @IronSoldier16


I am good. I realized today that tomorrow is one week until I meet Mike. So pumped and nervous about it. I’m happy you’re going good. :slight_smile:


I’m doing ok, thanks. Glad to hear you’re good. Works killing me. Lol. I’m seeing Mike next week though!!


@myapz so glad everything is going well!! So much love to you! @melisLP and @audie820 so hoping I get to meet up with you in Boston. I’ve got Cincinnati first on the the 11th but nothing will keep me from HOB Boston! So excited for next week!:purple_heart::blue_heart: