Remembering Chester


Don;t really know where to begin, I know that so many people are shocked and heart broken today. I have been a LP fan since 2000 and for the better part of my life they have always been my favorite band. Linkin Park became the soundtrack to my life. No matter what I have felt, LP has been there to support me. In the best of times and most certainly the worst. Chester’s voice was at the forefront to help me through the darkest times in my life. When my mother passed away when I was a teenager, his music helped me cling through my own depression, in times where I wanted to give up and let go it helped me ground myself back in the world. I will never get to share this with him and the band may never read it, but I want to thank Chester and Linkin Park. You changed my life. You saved my life. I will always love you guys and your music. Thank you for everything Chester. I sincerely hope that you have found peace.
If anyone else reads this I hope you will share your stories with me and others too.


My brother told me because I didn’t know…



I totally agree with you, Linkin Park/Chester helped me to deal with so many tough times over the years. Numb was like the theme song for me for so long in my marriage to someone that made me feel so numb inside. There would be times that I would crank their songs to vent my frustrations and anger. He helped me through years of depression and he will never know how much he meant to me. I was so shocked yesterday when I heard, all I could say was please say it isn’t so. My heart sank and I am praying for his family, friends and all of us fans through this tragedy. Rest in Peace Chester, my daughter and I are mourning for you, we will always remember you!