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[quote]"There has been plenty of reportage over the past few months about Linkin Park vocalist Chester Bennington joining Stone Temple Pilots, but little written about how his main band remains in full swing � on not just one album project, but two.

�While I was working with Stone Temple Pilots on their new EP there were some times I was actually recording with Linkin Park the same day,� Bennington told Yahoo! Music. �Writing for both was crazy, but it was fun, too, because both bands have their own distinct character.�

Linkin Park have already finished one song for their new album and they�ll be releasing it soon, Bennington says. The track features a yet-unnamed special guest.

On August 10 and 11, Linkin Park will play the Summer Sonic Festival in Chiba and Osaka Japan, respectively. They will remain in Asia until their August 15 show in Hong Kong. Then it�s back to Los Angeles to continue working on the new album and the soundtrack to the film Mall, which is being directed by Linkin Park keyboardist Joseph Hahn.

The film stars Vincent D�Onofrio, Gina Gershon, Peter Stormage, James Frecheville, and Cameron Monaghan, and is based on the Eric Bogosian novel about five unhappy suburbanites who become inextricably entwined one night when Frecheville goes on a shooting spree in a shopping mall.

Hahn has started shooting the film, but there is no scheduled release date. Linkin Park are creating the soundtrack with help from Deadsy drummer Alec Püre.

While a few songs will feature Bennington�s recognizable vocals, much of the material is new territory for Linkin Park. �There�s a different mindset going into scoring a movie than making a record because you�re trying to capture the scene without having the music distract you from what you�re looking at,� Bennington said. �We�re trying to capture the emotional quality of the film so there�s a lack of structure and there aren�t very many parts when compared to radio songs. Also, there are different characters in the movie that require different threads of sounds. So there�s a lot of cool elements we�re working with.�
In early August, Bennington finished recording vocals for a five-song Stone Temple Pilots EP that will come out in the fall. There is no scheduled release date for the follow-up to Linkin Park�s 2012 album Living Things.

But Bennington insists that regardless of how much fun he has with STP, Linkin Park will remain his main gig. �I love Stone Temple Pilots, but I�m in love with Linkin Park and that�s a great position to be in,� he said."

This is likely what Mike was referring to in his interview with the Huffington Post recently, saying, “Other than the game (Recharge), which we’re very excited about, we’re working on a new album, we’re about to go on a tour in Asia, and I can’t give you too many details about what we have going on, but I think in the next month, we have something very exciting for fans and I’m only allowed to pique your interest. That’s all I’m allowed to say. I promise something very exciting for Linkin Park fans in the next month.”

Who’s excited?[/quote]

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A special guest? Ehhhhhhh…not like I dislike collaboration but I prefer pure LP, reanimation and collision course are my least favorite albums by far. Hopefully the special guest is not a rapper, just to make it more interesting.


Like, oh my god! :smiley: I’m so looking forward to this album and neither can I wait for them to come to Europe!

  1. Chester’s STP songs.
  2. Hahn’s The Mall songs.
  3. LPU 13 songs (including remix from fan).
  4. LP 6th Album ahead with already a song in their stock !!!

2013 will be awesome with LP stuffs coming ahead :smiley:


I don’t know about the special guest, but:


yea i hope the special guest isnt a rapper as well and would prefer just LP, but i guess we will wait and see. hopefully it comes out within the month!


Chris Cornell … I bet


So stoked!! Can’t wait!!!


They just play a new song with Steve Aoki. “A light that never comes”