Removing a Topic


Hi! I was wondering is there a way to remove a Topic that I have created?
I made one, which did not need to be made.
Im new to this and even though I have been listening to LP since I was 4, I never really contributed to these things.
Could someone please help me out? Thank you :slightly_smiling:


The topic you created has already been locked, which is basically all that needs to be done. Unless you mean another topic


Ok, will anyone see that topic? Or is it just locked?


They will see it, but they can’t post in it


Do you want me to delete it for you or just keep it locked?


Hi Rossi, @Rossi, I think the prob is that the new soldier nedds advice first!

@Dukes surfe and speak with your posts in other topics first to get familiar with the spirit of this whole lpu, I´m in for one and a half jear now (listened to LP even from the beginning. I even start with own Topics, but they were handled like your first one, if you want advice, let Rossi ( she´s a moderator, we´ve sm like mb @An_Van_Oppens and @matt btw) they look about the rules and code of conduct, if a new topic is very clear another variation of a 100´s variation of same Q ( new for you, boring for us) in your case I asked Mod Matt to close it before getting worse. If you want explanations, you can always post (OFF TOPIC=OT) in a post on a several threat. thanx, the unicorn queen Gatsie was helping me a lot in my beginning on the lpu, I didn´t even know what a gif is, lol, rem hahaha

@gatsie, I think you even learned me copy ´n ´paste lol :kissing_smiling_eyes:

So If Rossi can delete the first thread you made, I would ask her to do so and start again, and please, take the time to read the terms of use etc, hope that fits like this?


@The_early_walker thanks for clearing that up for @Dukes. If anyone needs help, don’t hesitate to contact me :slight_smile: I would be more than happy to help!


It’s nice to see the moderators coming out of hibernation :stuck_out_tongue:


@Gatsie It is always nice to actually find time to help out on the forums. Life can be too busy sometimes. But in the future, you can tag me, if urgent help is needed, then I receive a direct email that reminds me hourly/daily of my duty as a moderator


Yes delete it please :slightly_smiling:


Thank you for that, that helps a lot :slightly_smiling:


hi @Dukes GOOD DESCISION; but: you have to tag Rossi with an @Rossi so she gets the email ansd can help, welcome you on board! :relaxed: