Renew with Johnny Cupcakes T-shirt


Does anyone know when are we getting our free membership codes with the Johnny Cupcakes T-shirts? My current LPU membership is about to expire and I don’t want to lose my points.



I was going to ask the same question…Its bullshit we didnt get an email yet even simply telling us when we receive our codes!


Free tshirt? Lol I was not aware of this. Sounds epic! Hopefully we get those codes soon :slight_smile:


me too! My LPU membership is expired in December 3.
I get impatient very much.



Yes the T-Shirt will come with the redemption card. Any additional questions please reach out to us:



So people who pre-ordered early have to wait for their t shirt to arrive in December or January since the mail is slow over holiday season to sign up for LPU14 …Seems very half assed backwards for 2014.


if you prefer to have your code now, please email us at the email above.




Thanks for the heads up



Ive been a member since LPU 2.0, and i just need to ask one question. Is there any chance the merchandise from the LP pop up shop will be available for LPUers? What happened to all the stuff that didnt sell? Any info would really help.
Thanks in advance

Percy (


Some of the LP Pop-UP Merch will be available here:

Pop-up shop question

What about the skate decks? Any chance those will become available in the future?


not sure to be honest.


My redemption card code is not working. I get always: “Sorry: That code is no longer valid” :frowning:
No response from the HQ at this point :disappointed:

anyone else, having trouble with the code?


If you sent us an e-mail we will get back to you as soon as possible.


any idea when and if so, will we be notified?