Renewing the LPU


I want to know if I renew my LPU I’ll have to create a new profile or I’ll continue with my current profile (with the comments, friends, posts, etc)???


There was an issue of a guy who ordered two LPU passes cause he wanted one for him and one for his gf, but he got one account with expiry date two years later, and in the parcel there were two Tshirts, two flags etc., so I think it means you can continue using your current profile.
In my opinion you should simply buy a monthly pass or redeem the one month code from Living things, and then wait for LPU12 :slight_smile:


You can continue with your current profile, just remember to use the same email address :slight_smile:


Thank you guys


Yea I also think that continue is the best option


I couldn’t find a fresh post so I CAME HERE!!!

I got my code from my order to redeem up Lou but where do I go? @jFar920 @derek


I’m cleaning my car right now, but I’ll be done soon and can help. I’ll text you when I’m done


Thanks fluffy


Since I’m guessing multiple people are going to have this problem, and we don’t need 10 different topics on the issue, here’s a rundown for everyone stuck:

Make sure you are logged into your account.

Go to and scroll down to the “LPU Digital Membership” which should cost $10.00 and click “JOIN NOW $10” (yes, it says $10, but you won’t be paying $10).

If you aren’t logged in, it’s going to try to make you make a new account. You don’t need one, make sure you’re logged in first.

If you are logged in, you should have gotten a popup detailing what the membership includes, scroll down and click “Add to Cart” (or “Extend My Membership” if you’re already a member). On the next popup, scroll down again and click “Checkout”.

The next popup will be the order summary. You should have gotten a coupon code (it might have been referred to as something different) in an email when you pre-ordered the album (I don’t know for sure since I haven’t pre-ordered yet). Click on “Add a coupon” and enter that code and it should void any purchase needed to get that membership.

Now just complete the checkout process and you should have redeemed you LPU membership.


member :sunglasses: