Replacing Linkin Park Lyrics


Do you ever or have you ever placed certain lyrics in a LP song and sing it that way all the time, yet it still fits?!?

Example: In Castle Of Glass
I sing it this
"Fly me up on silver wing
Pass the dark where the sirens sing"

Instead of
"Pass the black where the sirens sing"


Tag anyone I have missed


Another is P5hng Me A*wy

"When I look into your eyes there’s nothing there to see.
Nothing but my own mistakes staring back viciously or honestly or haunting me
Instead of at me


this funny, if I listen to Part of me
i always hear this: at least I judge what´s killing me - cut myself free"


I can’t unhear the ketchup so I tend to replace that :stuck_out_tongue:

Also in New Divide at “The ashes fell like snow” I say snowflakes for some reason.


Yes, ketchup for sure


By Myself:

I’m By Myself
That’s Right
Workin’ my 9 to 5

Burning In The Skies:

I’m swimming in the snow
With bridges I have burned

(I imagine it’s winter, and since the bridges were burnt, the only way across is to swim)

And obviously for POA I prefer the “stop the talk show” version, but even then:

Forfeit the game, stop the talk show
Prime after what, y’all ought to know
Forfeit the game, cuz tomorrow
When it’s all done, you reap what you sow


That’s probably my fav version too, that and the LPU 12 ‘sink or swim’ bridge. A hybrid of those would be the best one.


Sometimes I hear " All you’ve ever wanted was someone from Jupiter look up to you" instead of “All you’ve ever wanted was someone to truly look up to you” in The Little Things Give You Away :grin:


I mean I used to do that when I didn’t know the lyrics…thinkin that was the lyrics. Or when I’m singing along with the music and I say what I though was going to come up.

I think I only doing that with one non LP song. Unsteady by X-Ambassadors.


When I was 11 or something, I used to sing “Cause I’m the one that falls” instead of “Cause I’m the one at fault”, my dad had to show me the lyrics on the booklet of Meteora to make me realise I was singing it wrong.


When I first heard No roads left I thought Mike was singing ‘High roads’ instead of ‘I run’.


With that being said there is times where the lyrics in the book is actually wrong


I guess, yeah. I haven’t really checked. I only like the booklets with art in them :stuck_out_tongue:


On the topic of booklet lyrics. What were they thinking of when they printed the ATS booklet?


That’s art. I love it!



Yeh that s**t was weird


My fav booklet art so far is probably 12 Stones Anthem for the underdog .


Interesting art (have you posted about this before?). I don’t know which one is mine… I like OM&M’s Cold World art/booklet set up a lot, and Amity’s TCBH and LP’s ATS and… Recharged (don’t hate). :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, these are the same pics from the nifty topic i posted on my bday in March.


I just once tried to replace them words into German:

Das is mein Dezember
Das ist meine Jahreszeit

A joke.