Rest in peace Chester


Chester is a one more light :fire:
For me chester is a one more light in my life I want someone to say it’s all a joke… And that someday I’ll be able to meet you guys at a concert


Hyde Park but idk where exactly in Hyde Park. I would assume midday sometime since it is a picnic.


Ty… how nice, love picnics- and since we are connected via WA- I will call for help if I can’t find you there… :joy::+1:t2:


Of course! I will be there waiting :slight_smile:


Awww, thank you my friend :grin:



Any suicidal thoughts please visit here guys. I love all of you


Listened to a good podcast about Chester on the rolling stone podcast…was about the early days and production of hybrid theory


London memorial last week


Those were great photos, when was this taken? Especially the one with Chester?


Thanks! At a meet and greet about 3 years ago.


Which one? Camden? Cause I was at the Camden meet and greet. My favorite part was I got to hug him for the first time.


:sob:Beautiful, I just couldn’t stop crying. But this is how I rather remember him. His smile, warmth, sense of humor and everything about him that was good. His voice was what made me say I am a fan. He was the kind of rock star that would treat fans with kindness and love. I will miss him dearly.There is no one like him and he can never be replaced. I will always cherish the few moments I had when I met him in 2014 at the Carnivores tour in Camden NJ. As well as the other times I got to see them live.


Listening this instrumental while I’m on a walk :relieved:


I’m still coming to terms with the fact that Chester is gone. His voice touched millions of people and changed the music industry in such an immense way. Listening to the latest album again made me realise what the songs truly stood for and the message Chester was trying to get across was. For so long his voice has been more familiar to me than some of my friends and family… And to know that I won’t hear that same voice in the future breaks my heart; I feel like I’ve lost one of my closest friends and I didn’t even know him. But at the same time, I’m thankful for the years and years of music Linkin Park offered to us. Never compromising on what they believed in and what people thought about it. In light of that, I want to share with you all a cover of One More Light, arranged and composed by a friend of mine called Timo Somers.

RIP Chester, you will be missed.

[One More Light - Timo Somers]


I thought that was beautiful too. I felt the same way you did when I heard Chester died. I wanted to believe it was a false rumor, and he was okay. We all did. No matter what Linkin Park decide to do, I will miss him. His voice was one in a million, and there will be no one like him.


Me too. I’ll never get over what happened. :cry:


To my idol chester
I can’t believe that your gone chester . When I was small little kid I always look up as idol and your always be one of my favorite musicians all time can’t believe that your gone we miss you and love u a lot chester and you always be in hearts Rest In Peace chester :sun_behind_large_cloud::angel:t2:IMG_1625 :heart:


What you shared was beautiful. You were lucky to have an awesome idol to look up to growing up, I am just as saddened as you are now he’s gone.


It’s already August 6th but i still can’t figure out how the hell i am such a dumb to miss all the opportunities i had to see Linkin Park live. Now i have no a chance anymore.

I keep torturing myself with this fact and can’t handle with it anymore. I envy every single smart person who is living not by ‘i have enough time, maybe later’ but every moment. Realising i will NEVER see this beautiful Man breaks my heart over and over again. I keep repeating ‘Until it’s gone’ like a life lesson for me but it doesn’t help.

I don’t know to do and what to think. People say time will take the pain away but i’m not sure it will work for me. It’s getting even worse when i started to find anyone who’s simiar to him because somehow it comforts me. I guess it’s crazy.

Well at least i’m proud he’s a Legend of my generation.

Love you, Chester, to the core of my heart. :heart:

P.S. I’m sorry for grammar mistakes because English isn’t my mother language.