Rest in peace Chester


So sad… RIP, my friend.


Grieving or mourning? Totally Both! People around may think it is a waste, but loss is so devistating to the reason God created the person that came into our lives to reflect a kind of completion for others to Love first! Much Love To Linkin Park and LPU


Anyone made this? Its very nice…


Well I love it. It’s beautiful. Sad at the same time cause I miss him though.


I loved the pic @NoireXJasper
@NickGr and @rorymcgarrett you make nice vids… I dont even know how are they made… :sweat_smile:


It’s very easy but time consuming. But the result is worth it


This! Actually a two-minute video can take up to 1,5-2 hours of making… and I don’t even mention the moment it uploads to YT… (i make vids since 2011, for the past few months, maybe almost a year or so - in 4K. It takes space… MUCH space, for an example, a tribute vid took 11GB of memory and almost 5 hours of uploading to YT)


Chester’s one took me 6 hours to make and then another hour to upload. The longest video took me 12 hours to make and it was 3:30 min video


And you’ve mentioned you do that in WINmaker… great job actually( i wouldn’t survive a 20 mins of working with WinM… would suffocate because of hate, can’t stand when smth’s lagging and winm loves to…)


I had to literally save it every few vids to keep it safe. Once after like 3 hours I lost the video totally and now I’ve learned my lesson


@NickGr what video did you make???


a few while being on the forums…


You did great job :slight_smile:


I will never forget the three concerts that I was able to see, especially their first concert I ever went to. I was standing with a couple friends at the front of the pit right before Linkin Park was going to play. The stage had a few holes where it was possible to see towards the very back where the stage maintenance crew were working. We were getting super excited trying to see if we could see any of the band back there and all of a sudden there is Chester’s face in the hole. Lol we completely freaked out and he started playing peekaboo with us! Every time his face would reappear we would lose out shit and start waving and jumping up and down. I’m pretty sure most people around us thought we were crazy but I will never forget that random, hilarious, exciting moment. I am still having a hard time processing not being able to hear him in new things again. His incredible voice along with the rest of the amazing people of Linkin Park helped me through my toughest times. Knowing how personal the songs were gave me the feeling that I had someone to relate to and over the years I feel like all of them ended up being close friends that I could go to when I was is a terrible place. I hope everyone that was personally close to Chester is safe, especially his wife and kids, and has the support they need. Thank you for being there for me and know that I’m sending love your way.


Is so beautiful that you remember Chester like that, I mean, he being funny and wonderful person.


“LPU tribute to Chester” video was really nice, especially the picture where there are no CDs in the LP designated area. That’s what represents this situation for me.
Can anyone help me get that pic?



(It’s @rorymcgarrett’s pic)


Why is LP blank?


Because there were 9 CDs and I bought them all :wink:
Pic before


Great !! I want them too. Why dont indians sell LP CD’s ??? :sob: :frowning: it’s bad!!!