Rest in peace Chester


Aww :frowning: online is the only way. I just like to go and look at the CDs in the store.


Do you have any LP CDs?


Amazon india???


Thanks! Thanks a ton!

@rorymcgarrett you missed a few on the top shelf. You failed us! :smiling_imp:
Thanks for the pic though!!


there were only OML ones and I got one for myself as well!

New video


Legend enough said


No… All downloaded music

Great great dilevery charges

Oh thnks guys… Y’all are so nice. :slight_smile:
I will manage… :slight_smile:


That was beautiful. This is how I want to remember him. Not just his voice, but his sense of humor, and positive energy he brought to his fans.


I found this article, got to know him a little bit better when reading it.


Thanks for sharing. A very interesting article.



Hey Sam.
I think it’s a happy coincidence that I should stumble upon your post coming on here for the first time. LP and my paths only crossed briefly. I can’t say I was a huge fan, yet as a survivor of mental illness Chester’s passing has affected me deeply. I can only attribute this to the fact that Chester was and is an amazing artist and human being. From the beginning I’ve refused to speak of his death using the word “committed”. We always say someone has committed suicide when they chose to end their lives as though they have just committed a crime. I don’t see Chester as a criminal. Not do I see his death as a crime. A tragedy, yes. But not a crime.




One more light for Chester



I spent days looking for LP albums and when I did I bought them all. Best decision of my life.



Every time I listen to songs like One More Light, The Little Things Give You Away and The Messenger , I always cry. Does anyone have the same feeling? :sob:


Can’t ear Leave out off the rest and one more light yet so yes i understand :disappointed_relieved:


I’ve the same feeling. I cannot listen to 2 songs: The Messenger and Where’d You Go by Fort Minor.

The rest of the discography is running continuously from July 20th :black_heart:


I’m struggling to listen to one more light and the messenger as well. I’ve been watching some of their recent live shows and I’m actually really finding it difficult to watch Chester sing the intimate songs down in the crowd. There’s so much more intensity and connectedness and emotion in those performances than I have seen before :cry: