Rest in peace Chester


:sob:I care too. His voice was the best I ever heard in my life.


After I’ve looked into the video, I feel as if I had lost my voice, so much screams :wink:
I love this Video!


I can’t imagine hearing nothing new from chester (with linkin park). I’ve now become so accustomed to this beautiful angel voice! She has always accompanied me trough so many years. He will be always a part of me, deep in my heart and soul!


Recently something weird happened to me.
It started with me going to LP main page. I saw the statement/letter from LP. I read it as I did so many times before and suddenly I felt like I couldn’t breathe, like I was having a panic attack. Same thing happened when I tried to watch Jared Let’s tribute to Chester during VMAs. I had to turn it off because i couldn’t breathe.
It never happened before. Usually I was sad but not like that.


Sorry to hear that. I completely understand that, though. I get something like that that feels like a punch to the stomach, like the wind is knocked out of me. I get it when I hear some songs of Chester’s or even if I see his photo sometimes. :confused:


Happens to me sometimes too, that punch to the stomach… We need time, we’ll all get stronger and #makeChesterProud :slightly_smiling_face:



This video clearly reveals the love, the honor, and the deep respect the fans have for Chester. I was profoundly touched by the outpouring of love and unity our LP family displayed. It was so beautifully created by Linkin Park.
Thank you for posting this vid @rickvanmeijel.


Well said, it’s a beautiful video


Thank you very much for posting this, I’ve had a rather sad day and this definitely made me smile due to the sheer amount of love, support and honour that we soldiers have for our Chester and LP! I know that each day, Chester is staring down at us with a huge smile on his face, knowing that we will NEVER forget him or the band!
(And now I’ve started crying again, :sob::sob:) :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


Something like that happened with me yesterday…
I was listening to the album OML, that I haven’t done for a while, and I started crying listening to it, thinking about Chester’s illness, how people didn’t notice or couldn’t help him. It made me really sad… I have listened to the album a thousand times. And I never felt this feelings so strong before. And a hour later LP posted the video of the memorials, and I realized how many people were, are and will be influenced by him and the entire LP. And this, in a way, comforted me. To see all the legacy that he left us, all this family that he built.


Depression is a bad disease and no matter what u do sometimes u not in your right mind u don’t think right. And it can take over u . He was so happy with life and he was excited about his future. But sadly the demons took hem . Not hem


No words, after a long time, to explain what i feel when news comes out


Just a thought…in another world had Chris cornell not passed away would Chester still be here ?


I would say yes. :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


I think, sooner or later the same would happen. Depressions does not just disappear


I think yes, as well. :cry:


@kellakella, I wish that were the case. I too wanted to believe this was fake news. I didn’t find out about this until a friend texted me.I denied it all day, and they were talking about this all over the internet, I didn’t believe any of it until I saw “Entertainment Tonight” , and ABC World News Tonight, and MSNBC’s news ticker. Then I started to believe them.


The celebration/memorial event in LA is a great idea.


"Heaven is a big band now."
From “The Sky Is A Neighborhood”, FooFighters, 2017