Rest in peace Chester


Been listening all the albums especially, OML since months till now

This is the story of my life everyday :slight_smile:


That’s good buddy! Which is your favourite song? I’ve been listening to OML all the way through at least 3 times a week recently. It feels lethargic and … just right.


I can’t even name them :joy:

Just some of that album and I really enjoyed it everytime


:joy: Sharp Edges was Chester’s favourite LP song and I love it also! They are all so meaningful <3


Currently, listening to Halfway Right rn so yea



Can you hear the bells in the final chorus? Its easier to hear them in the instrumental! But its such a subtle but beautiful little extra


Now I’m currently listening to One More Light rn :relieved:

Yes it is, it was really beautiful :slight_smile:


That is a beautiful instrumental!


Why is it that I was looking at ALL of the pictures of Chester I started crying again?
Chester, we all miss you very much, I wish that I could speak to you and tell you for what you have helped me through!!image


This picture of chester is amazing. I wish i could just tell hem that he was so love and that . How much he means a lot and that if i could go back in time I’ll have show hem that he can talk about what was on his mind . I’ll have fight his demons for hem I’ll let them take me instead of chester. I missing you and i love u . My heart is still broken. I cry ever day. I know how u feel. It still hard.


Really hard, the only celebrity death that I have cried over since that day.


That what he is an angel and he always be an angel looking down on us smile on his face. Chester the only sexy and so handsome man that became an amazing angels
A legend will never die


You’re not alone on this one raz7. I miss him too. I would have given anything to have met him a second time.


I didn’t have the chance to meet him though! :cry::cry::cry:
To tell him how much of a saviour he was to me and my family


I know how you feel.


Even after all this time the pain doesn’t pass. Every day I remember Chaz, every day I see some video and some photo of Linkin Park. I lost a friend last year and losing Chaz made me come back to the whole nightmare. Coming back to the day he died, I had just watched a video that Chaz hugged a reporter and I laughed a lot. So I logged into Facebook and I crashed. I remember 10 minutes before reading the news, I was reviewing the Talking to Myself clip and I promised that I would go to their next show in my country. I was going to get some money and I was going to run for a meet. My broken promise. On the other hand also, after his death I met many cool fans, people that I want to carry the rest of my life. I also gained more desire to fight against suicide and depression and I try to help someone every day. This family is the best. I’ve changed so much since that day. I had never done any tribute in my life, I was too shy. Today I was looking at all of them and I was surprised. From a person who has never done any tribute I have released all my feelings at once. Please everyone, give all the strength and support to the boys. They need us now more than ever. We count on all of you. I love you my family :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:


This is the letter I wrote to Chester which I managed to pass on to Talinda. It was very hard to write it, but I had to do something

Dear Chester,

On the 20th of July 2017 my world collapsed. I could not believe what I was reading. I was crying all night and I was praying that this was just a sick joke.
Chester, words cannot describe how much you mean to me. You never realised how much you helped me when I was growing up. I was just 15 when I’ve heard Linkin Park for the first time and the words helped me a lot. I love you so much for that.
I still remember when I was fighting with my Mum and I was running to my room and I was listening to „Runaway” on repeat for ages. This song was helping me a lot.
I can relate to you on so many levels, you can’t even imagine.
Last year, July, 9th I tried to take my own life. I failed, obviously and I wish I could trade my life with yours. I wish you saw yourself the way me, and the rest of the Soldiers, see you. A hero. A role model. Someone who is there with kind words and this incredible sense of humor.

I just saw you for the first time in London! I regret not meeting you. I regret not going to the second concert. I regret not seeing you. I wish I could do that.

The day after you passed away, I gathered little group of people to cry together. To support each other. I just felt like I had to do something. For you, for them and for myself. It helped. But there were more people who needed that and I managed to organise another memorial.
Chester, so many people showed up! So many people who loved you dearly! I was so happy that this meet up brought people together! We are meeting up again and we are planning to do that again and again! YOU brought us together. I feel like you are showing me the way to do the right things. I never knew you personally, but I am trying so hard to continue your legacy of bringing people closer together.
I love people more than I love myself, I would do anything for them. For you.
I hope you found your peace, my dear friend.

Thank you for keeping me alive. You and your band are so important to me and so many people.

Rest in peace sweet Angel.
I will see you on the other side!


from Linkin Park Live, the painting tribute to Chester has now got a fence in front of it, :rage:

This is the painting in LA! We don’t know if the fence is permanent or not!


This is the full image/painting


This is one of best painting of Chester ever! What’s the meaning of that fence?? :frowning_face: