Rest in peace Chester


I don’t know. I found this on Linkin Park Live as they shared it, it never used to be there!


There’s a wall…the fence isn’t necessary… :rage: :cry:


On of te best panting of chester i love it. Missing hem so much


I know. It annoyed me as well, :angry:


The people going to the concert Friday should gather afterwards and break down the fence, Berlin Wall style


I’m not sure. Some say that is for protection, other for annoying.


I would, :+1::metal:


Aye!! I hate that fence!! :angry:


See what they did to the fence…maybe they want to protect the painting…


Move the wall to a museum or to warner bro HQ before some idiot wrecks it


Hi everybody!
I hear LP already a little eternity. 17 years. My son is 19 years old now. Somehow, my Linkin Park CDs were in the children’s room. I still remember the moment when my son came to me excitedly because The new album One More Light was on the market. Oh my god! We listened to it again and again. It was fantastic. Every song so incomprehensibly good.
And then the Breaking News. Chester has died. We mourned. We are still mourning. However, we avoid the word suicide. A terrible word.
Because Chester died of an illness. Not cancer, not a stroke, but depression. A malignant disease that can affect anyone. Dear Chester, may you rest in peace and be with your loved ones from the other side. Forever in our hearts!


It true that he die of a very bad disease depression is the worst disease ever. I love hem so much and i know he with us in our hears







Best picture of everybody . His wife’s look so pretty. She looks like she was so happy to be there.


And yet she wanted to cry. It hurts to see her without her smiling husband and to see the band without their brother! :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


Unfortunately it’s LA and in certain parts the second fence is very necessary-VERY :joy:
Jk I have no clue where it’s at but speaking from living in a ghetto part of a cali town, fencing is a lifeline :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: