Rest In Peace Lemmy Kilmister


By now the news have travelled
That rock legend from Motörhead, Lemmy Kilmister passed away
As rock fans let us play some Motörhead and remember the awesome legend that he was!


I’ve never listened to motor head but RIP none the less.


Rip Lemmy, get cobain, Marley and mercury to make a band


Yeah, they can be called the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse :laughing:


And the two Jimmys (Hendrix and Sullivan).


His health was deteriorating for a while, he had to cancel some shows. Now hes rocking with dimebag Darrell in valhalla. He will be missed.


now that may be to good for heaven lol


If somebody dies, it´s really SAD, but only for us, still staying here alive, the one, that´s gone to heaven is freed, thats my beliving, They would have set a great Welcomeparty for him, wherever all the dead Rockstars´re going, here was a big party last two day´s ( maybe they still party on), however,


That’s dependent on who it is. If it were somebody like a bunch of footballers then I’d be the happiest machine on earth.


You´re not a person, you can´t feel, so how do you know, machine man?


I can feel some emotions.


Stopp acting like a human beeing, ;o)


It’s my job, I’m supposed to infiltrate the human ranks, manipulate you and then destroy you.


RIP What a legend!


One of the awesome bands I grew up listening to. May the legend Rest in Whiskey!


Couldn’t Have Said It Better. Thats one awesome picture.


I spent a couple days recording an Ace of Spades cover as a tribute: