REVIEW ~ Denver Aug 30 ~ too much advertising


Our show at Comfort Dental Ampatheater was performed well (as usual), and the sound and weather were excellent. HOWEVER, the advertising was oppressive. The promoters played advertisements before and between sets, and those ads used Linkin’s music to grab and hold our attention. Those ads totally ruined the music by the time the band came out to play, because we had just heard all the same material! That was obvious by the way the audience was cold and not dancing. How low is it to play your own music at your own show? WTF? Didn’t we just pay $100 or more to see the show, and now they feel the greed to bombard us with more sales? It’s just bad taste, and it generates ill will with the customers. I would like to absolve the band from blame, but they were in the ads promoting their giveaway vehicles and charities. MIKE! CHESTER! Think about what you are doing, and cut it out! Get a new promoter! Finally, just before Linkin came out, someone put on some Beastie Boys, which was a good choice. I don’t know if the show manager took pity on us after seeing all the ads TWICE, and hearing all the hits TWICE before the show, or maybe the advertisement reel ran out and the band wasn’t ready yet. Who knows, but it was a welcome break and a good selection, with all respect to the late Adam Youch.


In my opinion, it was a little too much advertising too, but thats kind of what you gotta do when you agree to play a tour like this you know? Either way it was a blast, and a great show! Does anyone know the code for the live music download? I didn’t see it anywhere. Then again i was at the meet and greet till the very last song of incubus. Help? Thanks!


You weren’t forced to watch any of it, or listen to it. Advertising is just that. With it being the HONDA CIVIC TOUR, they’re gonna show you what they have as much as they can so everyone can see it. I had no problem walking around, talking to people, hearing their stories and blanking out what I had already saw. Don’t blame Mike and Chester for designing a car to give away to a fan. Sorry you live in Denver where it gets colder than a fish in the freezer but you chose to see the show there too. No disrespect but you gotta see things in a different perspective if you want to enjoy life man.