Rhinocerous + Pushing Me Away


Hi, is there someone good in mashups that can mix Rhinocerous (2002 Demo) and the vocal only of Pushing Me Away?


Maybe I could do something, but I haven’t any free time now.


I can try. Let me one week. :slight_smile:


You’re all missing the easiest way to make your mashup. You take PMA, you take Rhino, then you just stick them end to end. :stuck_out_tongue: You still end up getting a mashup as it’s not a single song.


Relistening to both of them, I don’t think they would fit together that well, beat wise and mood wise


Highly doubt the songs are the same, or even close to the same bpm. Not sure a mashup would sound good.


You can change vocals’ BPM (but don’t do it to instrumental, if you have to change bpm, you can do it only to vocals)


Lol, are we all online simultaneously? Either way, I won’t be because I’m off for dinner.


I’ve tried to make a mashup, it sounded good but i’m not really good so it wasn’t perfect. I’m searching for someone better than me ahahah. However if you think it is possible i’ll wait all the time you need. Sorry for my bad english ahahah :smile: