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Welcome to my new musical thread! I really enjoyed sharing the creative process when I was working on Reliving, so I want to continue doing that here :grin:

However, unlike Making my first EP, this thread won’t focus on one particular album or song. Instead I’ll be posting updates on various projects that are currently in development. It’ll be more spontaneous and surprising. I hope.

Anyway, let me know if you want to be tagged for updates!

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Meeeeee!! I want to be tagged pretty please!! :blush: :heart_eyes:


I want to be tagged, please!


October 25 2018: Post-Reliving post

@lpfan61 (first in line!)
@melisLP (just in time! :smile: )


:blush: Thanks! :heart_eyes:
Good luck with the guitar lessons! Can’t wait to see you playing! :heart_eyes:


Count me in man, your music is just incredible.


I want to be tagged too! This is awesome!


Add me to the tag list too! Looking forward to hearing your new music


Can you tag me please you make amagizing music


I set the options to “watching” now I will be able to follow you and your updates :smile:


This, I don’t need to be tagged, I just read all of the posts.


I’m in- was so happy to see you on IG again :tada::grin:


Thank you everyone! :hugs: For those that like to be tagged, I’ve added you to the list!

I could tell, thanks for your comment :blush:


@rickvanmeijel, it just occurred to me that you might want to make the OP a wiki before the window expires.


Thanks for reminding me! Will do immediately


December 14 2018: Celebrating 2018


For those who are not yet on this tag list, let me know if you want to be added :slight_smile:


Glad to celebrate the 2018 with your music and good Vibes!! :tada: :heart_eyes: :grin: I’m proud and happy to be here having the possibility to listen to your tracks! :heart_eyes: :notes: :blush: :sun_with_face: :hugs: :hugs:


Exactly :wink: :smile: Thank you for your nice words!


:grin: :blush: You’re welcome!


Thank you for sharing your amazing art with us