Rick van Meijel music projects


Always a pleasure :blush: Many thanks Steph!


Always good to hear your music!


Thank you so much, glad you enjoy :blush:


January 10 2019: ‘‘Higher Frequencies’’ contest



Yaaaaaayyyy!!! :heart_eyes: looking forward to it!!! :heart: :heart_eyes:

I can post here or your site the reply? :thinking: well I’ll do later anyway… :blush:


Can’t wait to hear it


Sweet! Idk if you’re just throwing us off by how mellow it sounds, but I love it for that reason :smiley: it’s super chill :grin:


Damnit man, why won’t you release this now? :joy:


Can’t wait to share it!! :smiley: In this case I prefer if you comment on my website. Makes it easier for me to sift through the comments :grin:

Thanks Steph, can’t wait to share!

You’ll discover soon enough :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks man!

Not sure if excited or frustrated :joy:


Sureee! Ok, I’ll post asap :blush:


Both. :joy:


I finally did it! Thanks @the_termin8r for your help! :smiley:


Sounds awesome. Can’t wait to hear the rest of it!


I already sent my reply, but I’m not sure if it is there or not. I’m not familiarize with the website.


Thank you @melisLP and @IronSoldier16!!

I’ll check your replies later today :slight_smile:


Reminder: 3 days left to participate in the contest (see link above) :wink:


I posted a comment but it seems to have disappeared. Can anyone else still see it on the page? Or maybe it takes a while to show back up after it has been moderated?


I’ll have a look, haven’t seen your comment yet tho

Edit: Your comment is up @AJ_7! I found the issue that caused all confusion. I have to approve most comments before they appear :sweat_smile: I’ll look for a way to disable this


I can’t see it :frowning:


January 17 2019: ‘‘Higher Frequencies’’ contest winners
The contest has been closed and 3 winners have been announced!

Thank you for participating: