Rick van Meijel music projects


I’m sooooooo curious about the whole version!! :exploding_head:


Just a few more days! :smiley:


Guess what day is it today?!? Release day!! new piece!!NEW PIECE!! :tada: :grin:




Yes it is! Just a few more minutes…




January 24 2019: New single ‘‘Higher Frequencies’’ out now
The wait is finally over! Click on the link below to listen to my new single:

Let me know what you think :wink:



Nicely done, keep up the good work. I think I may have to hear reliving now as well lol. But I look forward to the next ep as well.


Really like it, parts of the synth sound like Robot boy.


Well, you’re more than welcome to listen haha :smile: Thanks as always!

I’m actually quite surprised you like it, due to the electronic sound :grin: I’m happy though! Thank you as well


I don’t mind an electronic sound.


Veeeeeery nice!! I like that sound! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: you’re doing a great work!!! Wishing you a bright career in music field! :heart_eyes: and I’m sure to hear of you everywhere soon! :grin: :blush: :hugs: :hugs:


I really enjoyed it another amazing song. @rickvanmeijel

I agree


Thank you so much, that’s really nice :hugs: Not so sure about that last part though :smile:

Another kind comment :blush: Really glad you enjoyed!


You’re talented! Keep it going! Make more people listen to your works!
:thinking: Is your music on music platforms, like Spotify or Deezer? I didn’t search there… :grimacing: but I think it could contribute to make people know you… what do you think? You are the expert here… :sweat_smile:


I will keep going! Not looking to become famous though haha. Not on Spotify or other streaming platforms yet, I have to find out how to manage that. Thanks for recommendng!


As I told you earlier, the track felt very energetic and a great build up, positive vibes over it. I enjoyed it and thanks for the link @rickvanmeijel it was surprising when you announced it and you didn’t disappoint. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Thanks for the compliments man, I’m glad you enjoyed it :blush:


I already see you behind the djdesk and the masses are hyped and jumping- electrified by your music. :tada:

Your new song is very positive-:yellow_heart: the body is really fat and the melodie is a real earworm once again- I love the picture you posted on your IG with this new work. It’s absolutely fitting- it’s like laser-light rays decoraring a sunsetting sky :sunrise:

Perfect headlining song for a summer jam somewhere near the ocean- to celebrate life- he would be proud of you- and we, your core fanbase- definetly is proud over the edge. The new song is another proof of your incredible talent to compose music, a mix out of your talent and your skills- you are blessed and I hope that somehow it happens that a producer get aware of it… and remember? Free tickets for us to support you at your first gig- long words short: it’s amazing :clap:t2: GRATS Rick :tada::grin:


Amazing post and wonderful words, thank you so so much :blush: I’m glad you noticed the positive vibe, it was my intention to please the listener with positive tones and ‘frequencies’ if you will.

I’m glad that you enjoyed and yes, you’re definitely all part of my special core fanbase :smiley: