Riding the times thru


Lads and Gents i am a video editor that was created and inspired by his brothers Mike and Chester.

There is a story behind all this and it leads to a destination i would like you all to grab hold and reach it with me.

To be fair, the bike can only fit one so i switched to a train, but then capacity forced us to move to a ship.
Although it sounds weird, i am starting this thread so i can share my LP related work and hopefully find you a sit on the deck!

Where do i begin?

If there was one, what would be the best story ever told?
would it be LP related?
how could it not be?
It would surely have the best soundtrack on the earth so it would have to!

Don’t i begin with LP LP and LP so i can get you hooked and pull you up?

a) i miss him much so, i will start with the tribute…
R.I.P brother! (first link here)

See guys and gals… if you manage to hang on by trusting someone far far away with whom you share LP blood, i have a place i am taking you.
b) short preview of where this is going here but we have lots of vids in between!

(browse the youtube channel if you’re in a rush :wink:
we boarding already

this is some info on the hows and the what’s, (link) as always, only brothers understood and they’ll be the ones to explain it to you.