RIP Chester I will miss you


I just subscribed here because I wanted to pay tribute to Chester.
I saw Linkin Park twice in concert, I could have really enjoyed them a 3rd time at Nova Rock but I didn’t because I thought I will see them again … eventually… I was wrong and now I am heartbroken to realize that a huge part of my late childhood and teenage years is gone… it died… Chester, his voice, the whole band helped me in a lot in dark moments… his screams were my screams of anger and frustration, his angelic singing voice calmed me down and helped me realise that there are so many beautiful things in this world that are worth living for.
I can’t even imagine how he must have felt dealing for so long with so many problems… I hope his pain is gone now… and I pray that his wife, kids, friends and band members will be able to stay strong …
I am currently in a state of denial and I can’t believe it …but eventuall the truth will hit me… I wish I could have talked to you Chester…
See you on the other side

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