RIP Chester 😢 I wish I could have seen you perform live just once


I’m devastated that this happened. I’ve been crying off and on all day.
I cared about Chester a lot, even though I never met him. I felt connected to him, because he was also abused as a child, and he also battled depression and suicidal thoughts. I was also angry about my childhood. When I listened to LP’s music, it was like therapy for me. Chester was screaming when I couldn’t. I felt like I could get my anger and frustrations out through their music.

I was supposed to see LP live for the first time on August 8th in Toronto. I was hoping to be able to meet the band. (I entered the meet and greet contest). Now that will never happen. At least not with Chester.
Knowing that I will never be able to see him live makes it even more sad for me.
I just wish that he would have reached out to someone if he was seriously considering suicide. So many people care about him and would have wanted to help him. He must have felt so alone. :cry:

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