Rise Against!


Hey guys, i would say that Rise Against are my 2nd favorite band, if you have heard of them, whats your favorite song? have you seen them live? TELL ME! xD

thanks :slight_smile:


Already have a thread for this http://lpunderground.com/forum/the_music_room/339561


Rise Against are also my second favorite :smiley: I like Savior, Re-Education, Ready To Fall, Injection, Paper Wings, Prayer of The Refugee… But all their songs are awesome =D


I love Rise Against! My favorite song by them is probably Give It All. I saw them live in Milwaukee in September 2012 on the Endgame tour with The Gaslight Anthem and Hot Water Music opening. Earlier that day, they did a signing at a music store near where I live, so after waiting in line for about 75 minutes I got to meet and talk to them briefly, as well as getting my copy of Endgame signed. It was well worth it!


Like this group. But at them only listening to one song… “Septembers Children”… Somehow have not liked the others