Road to Revolution Milton Keynes 2008


This was supposed to be my first LP gig but life happened n i couldnt make it :sob:

I stuck the DVD on today (was actually my 4 year old daughters choosing!)

I know it was a while ago now but everytime i watch it i still feel a bit sad… i think i was more traumatised by missing the concert than the life event that prevented me going :smile:

Anyhoo, my point is - were any of u guys actually there?


Not there as wasn’t in UK yet.
But my favourite listening / watching at the moment while on commute on train


I was there! Can’t believe it was almost 7 years ago!


I’m so jealous :anguished:

Wow… 7 years… probably time I got over it lol :smile:

The vibe u get from the DVD is pretty special which leads me to believe the atmosphere there must have been awesome…


Hello just came across to thread and decided it would be good to reply yes this was my 1st linking park concert i live very close to Miltion keynes i think i was 15 years old and I’m 21 now i have the Dvd myself it was another great Performance like all linkin park concerts.


Wasn’t there, but I’d give a lot just to be there for Shadow of The Day being played live.