Rob Bourdon drumming


So another Rob’s video. As you can say I am obsessed


It’s aaaaaaamazing - :tada: you infected me straight away- so much passion, :heart:️ From him- drumming like there is no tomorrow :joy: powerful :muscle:t2: And amazing sexy :wink:, and from yourside - feelable in the video, great shelter is also the song that comes with it, kinda message like this: DRUM ALL SORROW AWAY - very great done :clap: @rorybourdon


@rorybourdon his an amazing drummer and i know he the best drummer ever.


Wooww! Our drummer is the best!! :heart_eyes: your video is really well done and you chose the perfect song to match with it! Really well done! :smile: :hugs: :heart:


Thanks. It was a pleasure to make the video :slight_smile:


Εxcellent video!!! Great job again:)


Thank you. It’s always fun to make a video of him. Next is Brad


come on, don’t forget Robbie here.