Rob is apparently a cat?!


Found this pic online and decided to share it, why does Bourdie have cat ears?! How did this start?!


For a moment there I though you meant me. :stuck_out_tongue:

On another note, it would have been more sensible to post this in the photoshop thread.


Me too :stuck_out_tongue:


You crossed into the tumblr weeds… Stay far away from that land… Remember the dark lands in Lion King? You don’t go there… That’s were the crazy fans live kind of like that fanfiction site.

I go on tumblr to look at pics and gifs but it’s crazy there…


Apparently this post has just been EMAILED to the admins (Lulu, Lorenzo and Jess) … No idea how… I kind of want it to happen, just to see their reactions :sweat_smile:


I tried to make a pun with “Bourdon”, which is the French for “Bumblebee”, but ended up failing. Poor me…


@IronDust711 Why don’t you just find a street sign of Bourbon street in New Orleans and photoshop a picture of Rob there holding a Bourbon. :3



But… I’m a girl ;-;


Oops ! My bad, I apologize @intheend ! ;o;




mom can i keep him???!!! lol