Rob Live on LPU


Hey everybody !
When is the live ? 4pm in USA but in France ?
Thanks x



Thanks Merlin thaks !
( Can I put Orlando ?)


Ehmm… what?


Where is the live ?


In France it will be 1am. But if you’re asleep at that time I think you will still be able to watch it on the FB page afterwards. :slight_smile:

Keep in mind for future chats: There’s usually 9 hours of time difference between LA and France. I know because I’m in the same timezone as you are (Belgium).


hi @An_Van_Oppens may it be 00:00 ghostshour in Germany or 1:00 ? lol btw :relaxed:


Oh super thanks! I think I sleep in fact…
Thanks again xx


Yes, currently the difference is 9 hours, but be careful, sometimes it can be only 8 hours. It depends on the start and end date of the daylight saving time. These dates differs in the USA and in Europe.


For Germany it will be 1am as well. :slight_smile:


Thank you, dear…lol :relaxed:


Where on facebook can you watch it?


LP Underground’s page.


damn i have missed something :frowning:


Not really. It was announced weeks ago and then yesterday again with date and time.


facebook does not show me LPU posts, even when i have liked that page. offcorse thanks to living at the other side of the country and its in the middle of the week(as a working person i can’t be up 4 in the morning when i have to work next day) i missed it. mabye i find it later on youtube


You gotta follow the page too, not just like it. But even if you miss the news or whatever, you can always just check.
Also, the chat hasn’t happened yet. It is today at 4pm PST.


well… i got nothing, im dumb! mommy said im special


Ohh sorry created anoher topic, who´s waitingtill Rob arrives, it 1:00 here in Germany, real tough, but mb…I will kil the other threat…:sleepy:


how was it?