Rock am ring 2013?


I will go to RaR 2013,the line up is amazing… but linkin park is missing !!:confused:

do you think they will come ? it would be the perfect weekend ever!


well if the headliners have been announced probably not im still waiting on a uk tour goddamit lol x


hmm shit :frowning: but i have still some hope … :smiley:


hope for a clear night and wish on those lucky stars [mrgreen]


hahah sure i’ll do :D:D


You’re too late, they were headliners this year. :confused: Maybe they will be at another festival in europe next year.


I think that there isn’t [sad]


SONISPHERE OR READING or anything in the UK would be good


From my understanding, its rare for a musical group to be in two Rock Am Ring’s in a row since the guys played at RaR 2012. I would certainly attend though if Linkin park was pushed through.


I think they will be at another festival in Europe next year. They come to Germany,




Scheisse !!! I wanted them to be in RaR 2013 [cry]


Even though it would be pretty freakin’ awesome if LP also attended next year but I pretty much doubt it. But it’s still a kick-ass line-up so far =)


no because RaR will never have the same headliner 2 years in a row + LP did a europe festival tour this year. They will play some headline shows in Europe next year so you can look forward to that


i wanna see them at Rock en Seine next year. This year Green day was headliner of this fest.


Easy answer: They’ve been Headliner this year (2012) and been headlining Nova Rock in Austria 2 years in a row (2011 and 2012)
Marek Lieberberg already booked 30 Seconds To Mars, Volbeat and Green Day for next years Rock am Ring and as a promoter it would NOT be recommended to book Linkin Park again because the festival will most likely not sell out… So it’s very unlikely that they’ll play there


I’d love it if they would come to RaR 2013!!
but, as the others, I’m pretty sure that they won’t be there next year. :frowning: not all of the bands of RaR 2013 are actually confirmed, but some (and maybe all) headliners are already annouced. and that looks to me that they obviously won’t be there.

I’m sure they’ll give a few concerts in germany on their europe tour, so that we can look forward to those ones. and maybe after that… to RaR 2014… :wink:


I will be on Rock am Ring, looking forward to it. I hope LP make an europe tour next year, that would be so awesome!!!


Oh, I can’t decide wether to go there or not… one of my friends told me LP will be there in 2013 but I’m not really sure about that anymore… I mean RaR is so cool but it’s not the same without LP…