Rock vs Pop artists


Just a short quiz, who would you rather see live from these rock and pop artists?

  • Demi Lovato
  • Adam Lambert
  • Justin Bieber
  • Katy Perry
  • Pink

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  • Three Days Grace
  • Skillet
  • Linkin Park
  • RED
  • Bon Jovi
  • Aerosmith
  • Evanescene
  • 30STM
  • Queen

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I don’t listen to any of the pop artists but I can make an exception for Pink as I’ve heard a couple of her songs.

LP are a no-brainer, Red are a must (they’re my second fav band). Skillet, 3DG and Evanescence are badass too. I can’t speak for the other rock/metal bands as I don’t listen to them.

Also @beckster2000 why not make a poll on the OP? It’s the little cog icon on the top of the reply box.


Just making it now, I was gonna make one, but I forget until you told me :stuck_out_tongue:


@the_termin8r The poll is up! :slight_smile:


Are we only allowed to pick one from each poll? Wouldn’t everyone just go for LP on the second one?


(cough) Pink is awesome

And Floflo’s and the machine


Can’t vote in the first poll since I don’t listen/like any of those artists. I went for RED on the second one since LP is too mainstream. Not sure why 30STM is on that list, they suck live.


I seriously want Red to come over to the UK. They’re doing a bit of mainland Europe and I think Russia but I don’t know why they don’t come over here.


For the first poll, if I had to pick, it’d definitely be Biebz, and LP are the only band I like out of the second list.


I heard, that Adam Lambert has an incredible live voice and for the second I had to go with Skillet, because (to be honest) doesn’t everyone here want to see Lp live?


@annawe I love Adam! He’s an amazing, sweet and down to earth guy, although I haven’t met him yet, I plan to! As for Skillet, they’re a great band, sure they may not sound like the records, but at least they try! :grin:


I just can’t choose in rock! Skillet, LP, Aerosmith, 30STM… I love them all, ugh


@zoe_k Me too, if I could have my way for making my own rock and pop festival, I want to have all the acts on the polls except for JB, sorry @minuteforce


The only main pop artist I listen to is Madonna. She has changed the pop genre since the 80’s and my mum is a huge fan of her. But the main genre I listen to is rock and metal as I was grew up with it and the main music we have on in my house. :slight_smile::grinning:


Hey, I know you said about seeing RED live, annoyingly, don’t seem to be coming over to the UK anytime soon, plus side, I did use to think they sounded terrible live… but, I decided to give them a second chance after almost 6 months of not listening, then, I found this…


Thanks for getting me hooked man :smiley: Completely random…


Some of their live stuff is a bit iffy.


Yea, but I seem to like them so far…hopefully they’ll eventually make a stop here


I only listen to 90s pop songs… Or at least 80s… So