RockInRoma 2015


Hello guys, who is this year at the concert of LP in Rome at RockInRoma? :smiley:


Me! Me!! My name is Anna and im coming from Greece to the concert! Reeeaaally excited cause it will be my first LP concert!!! Cant wait!!! (counting the days…) :smiley:


Me! :slight_smile: Agnes from Poland :wink: I really can’t wait. It will be my fifth LP concert.


I will be there too :blush:


Today I received tickets…amazing :blush:


Me too! Hi everyone (:



We are there as well, Tickets arrived, Hotel and Flights are booked.


@AnnaD you are the 10th person I know that will be going from Greece to Rome!! I’m from Greece too (Thessaloniki) and I’ve got tickets for the concert along with 5 friends!! It will be AWESOME!! Do you know if there is going to be an early entry to the show?


Amazing to see so many Greeks in here after all these years. Have fun guys, Italy is amazing (and so are the people).


10th person?! Wow! That` s great!! Have you got the tickets for airplane and hotel? We could have the whole plane for us, LP fans (if we find other fans and book it together)!! Lol. As for the Early entry, there are no details yet (as i know). We just need to wait a little, they will announce it (fingers crossed). :smile:


If LP is not coming to Greece, we`ll be just following them all over the world! :smiley: Btw, i m not Greek, i m Russian, but i live here now and it s so nice to find LP fans here!! Yaaay! I ve never been to Rome, but i m sure, we ll get some amazing memories during this trip :wink:


@AnnaD Haha yeah, that’s why I went to Milan last year. Had the time of my life there!
That’s cool! Hope you’re liking Greece then lol.
Rome is nice, been there for vacations but Milan has gained that special spot in heart now, so many great memories to cherish.

And yes, I have friends who are also going to the show. Some from Athens, some from Thessaloniki and even Preveza! You guys go and show the boys how much we want them back here :slight_smile:


I think we should arrange OUR Meet and Greet party with greek fans (or any LPU member)… somewhere in Rome… :smiley:


YEEES, WE CAAAN!!! Lol We ll give all our love and energy!! :slight_smile:


@AnnaD I gave them a Greek flag signed by a lot of fans here last year so, dunno what you guys will do this time around… hope a lot of you will go the m&g.


I’ll be there in Rome too! Can’t wait to see LP again!! :blush:


What a great gift ( and probably a hard work to get all these signatures)!! Need to think a lot to give them smth special too… :smile:


Io ci sarò! Vengo da Brindisi (Puglia) e anche l’anno scorso a Milano sono stato al loro concerto <3


@Elettra22 , ciao :slight_smile:
Sto avendo parecchi problemi ad aggiungere gli amici… Non ci riesco proprio :weary: hahahahaha
Dato che sono di Roma, magari possiamo darci una mano a vicenda per quella cosa dell’aearly-entry tramite messaggi (sto tipo organizzando tutto per un gruppo di amici e la mia ragazza)
Se è un problema me lo dici tranquillamente, ma non credo
Tra fan sfegatati sti problemi non penso proprio che ci possano essere ahahahaha
Aspetterò una tua risposta, grazie in anticipo c: