Roll Call!


All LPUers report!
Who’s here? What LPU year did you join? What is your favorite banana flavor?

me: LPU 2.0. banana.


LPU 7.0! I hate bananas.

Welcome to LPU11!




LPU 6.


I’m here! I joined 3.0 then was gone for a while, til 7.0 and I’ve been around since then.

I need a clever sig. =P Will work on that later.


Here! I joined 1.0!


I’m here, since 2.0.


Jordan Firari, LPU 8.0


Joined during LPU 6.

Names Jay but you guys might know me better as Pez.


LPU 5.0 but i wasn’t really an active member the last 2 years :stuck_out_tongue:


LPU 4.0, was/is Chouonsoku on the old boards and LP Live. Decided to switch to my alternate persona for the new forum. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi kathyxx
I’m still here since 1!
Still have the htep yeahhh
And I like apple flavoured bananas :wink:


I’m Ryan, you may know me as Ginger from LPL and other websites.

Since LPU9!
Bananas only have one flavour…


LPU 5.0. It’s good to be back.


hi everyone! i’ve been a member since LPU 1!

screen name has been: beauty2234 and currently: VixLP :slight_smile:


LPU1, day 1 :slight_smile:

I’m Bob, as the sig says :smiley:


LPU 7… missed the forums finally we got some back!! :smiley:


i was in LPU 3,4,5, stop, then joined LPUX few months ago. i love banana flavored bananas!


Hello again…nice to have a own forum again.

I guess LPU8 was my first year ^^



Nice to have forums again^^