Roma September 2015 - Early Entry


Good morning,

I need further informations concerning LP concert in Roma I am member of LPU 14, I do not have any luminate.

First, do you know if for this event, early entry will be possible ?
Secondly, I see on your forum that people need a laminate, what is it ? Do I need to buy it online (5$) ? Or can I only bring the confirmation of order with me ?

Many thanks for your answer!



Early entry for the shows will be announced on the main page so don’t worry, you’ll know then.
You can buy the laminate if you want but the confirmation mail of your membership also works.


That’s right, but I’m not sure there will be an early entry. Last year I went to the concert in Milan, and there was not, because the concert was part of the Audi Festival (not of the official THP tour). This time is part of the Rock in Roma Festival, so maybe there won’t be the early entry again. I don’t know.


@Elettra22 It was the Alfa Romeo City Sound Festival, part of the THP tour of course (just because it’s a festival run and didn’t include headline shows, doesn’t mean the gigs weren’t part of the current tour).
There was no early entry because the doors at the other side of the Ippodrome opened 2 hours earlier than the main ones. (only a select few of people knew about this, hence all the craziness that day and the furious fans).

As of the upcoming shows, you guys just wait for the announcemnets.


My goodness, I’m feeling so stupid, I even forgot the name of the festival. I know there were the side doors opening at 3 pm (I slept there to reach the front of the stage): there wasn’t the early entry for the LPusers, so I thought this was due to the fact that the concert was part of the festival. Well, I was wrong. Thank you @evooba (:


@Elettra22 Wow, so you knew about the other doors. Where did you find out? A lot of us had no idea untill after the show, and it was crazy at the main doors.


Well, yes, the italian Linkin Park fansite told us a lot of people were expected to join the show, so the Ippodrome staff decided to divide the crowd: some people would enter at 3 pm, some people at 5 pm, depending on when you arrived there, of course. I’m sorry you guys had problems with the entry, I really thought everyone knew about the other doors.


@Elettra22 No, the staff failed to mention that to the ones queuing at the main door. I didn’t mind, since I didn’t care about doors and didn’t need to queue but I had friends waiting there from 5 and 6 in the morning and none got in before 5:30ish pm :confused: So, that was kind of lame.


Does anybody know would be any meet and greet packages available for Roma september 2015 show?


I don’t know if is possible early entry…I know that the door will open at 4 p.m…does anybody knows when the meet and greet lottery begin??


Guys, just be patient. All the info you’ll need will be posted in the news section.