Roundhouse March 10th London


Who’s going to the Roundhouse? I am just got my tickets so excited!!


@evooba and I are going.


Just got our tickets. It’s going to be a lot of us :smiley:


Just got my tix, Hotel booked, I Can’t wait, I was so gutted I missed the reading fest show! :metal:


We should defiantly do a meet up! Be good to meet everyone! So excited!


We should, I’m wondering if I should go the way of the lunatic and wait in line for 9h like I did for LP.


I’m going. It will be mental. I’m not even sure if I’ll be in the country but got my ticket. Going to queue since the sunset lol unless I’ll have meet and greet or something


We are queuing my friend. You won’t get away with it :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha I’m going with my friend and I’m making her wait with me!! She doesn’t know it yet!!


I am flying in from Gemany. I’ll be there alone and would like to meet up with some of you guys. Can’t wait !!


Hey Eva… We’re all so excited already, do you know somebody going to Luxemburg ?


I don’t yet… maybe you can find someone on Twitter. I bet a lot of people are going


I created New topic Here few minutes ago… To see Who from LP family is going… You will think I am a dinosaur but I don’t have Twitter (maybe I will install it) you remember, you help me to install Instagram at rockenseine with the others :blush:


:expressionless: Why must you do this to me? :disappointed:


Hahaha, i promise we’ll have fun and it’ll be worth it


We need to bring a game of monopoly or something :joy:. I know it’s available on tablets, no idea about phones.


How you got your?? I never got my code


The code was underneath your picture in your profile on the main site.


It’s worth mentioning that you need a paid LPU account.


I can’t wait :blush: