Roundhouse March 10th London


Hi thanks. I know it was supposed to be there but honestly I never got one. :disappointed:


Are you a paid LPU member?


Hi, can I still buy LPU membership? If yes, would I still be able to get the pre-sale tickets?


Yes and yes.


Just got both!!! THANKS :hugs: So happy!!! See you all at the show :raised_hands: :metal:


Bull-fucking-shit how the fuck are they sold out by the time public sales arrive, surely they should of put some on reserve for the public it self! Not fucking happy!!!


Has it seriously sold out? Are you sure the regular public ones didn’t sell out when they were released 3h ago?


I checked at 9am when it opened



I am going to ask a MASSIVE favour

If anyone has a decent phone and a decent view, all I ask is a recording of the speech before In The End


I’ll try if I remember.


I’ll remind you the day before lmao


Are you 100% sure? I saw people scored tickets like an hour ago or so. I don’t think it’s already sold out. I mean, it’s expected but not that fast.


I think you can still get some from the re-sellers. Though, at the higher price. Try Viagogo. :slight_smile:


Started in the queue at 0900 at nbr 380…took about 20 mins and got my 2… £40 each not bad plus a fiver fees


Ive gone on ticketmaster, livenation and the roadhouse site and it keeps telling me tickets not avaliable!


I am going, it will be my first time seeing any member of Linkin Park, I wonder if anyone else is playing beforehand? anyone who could provide help on a cover like the recent Don Broco one


Maybe i’ll pop by on the day to finally meet you lot (IF i’m still in the city)


Ill be there, I hoped and hoped hed come back after I missed reading and leeds. I cannot wait


Reading was awesome but im really looking forward to London!! See you there!


Yees, I was so upset after not being able to go to reading/leeds, too. So excited for this show now!!