Roundhouse March 10th London


My husband and I will be there - can’t wait :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m counting the days down! :grinning:


See you all there! :heart:
Coming from Denmark


Aren’t the European locations closer to you?


Me, my sister and best friend are going, with a group of our friends from the London Memorial and Mike Kerrang! meet up. Can’t wait!


I’m so excited too, going with my brother. I’m flying over from the US for this ( well and to visit my family too). I had tickets to see Linkin park play in West Palm Beach in August 2017, but I got diagnosed with cancer June 2017 and then we lost Chester in July. What a crazy time, can’t believe I’m actually going to this show.


I am coming from Finland! With @lauraskovbjerg from Denmark and @aijapaulusenko from Latvia​:heart::heart:


Well I am also going to a few others and London is always great to visit :heart:


Not when you live here. I try my hardest to stay out of central, going only when I really need to.


Not long to go guys…getting excited!!


@the_termin8r yeah agreed London isn’t so great when you live there


Actually, London isn’t so great, full stop. :joy: Central that is, greater London is ok.


I’m going too! Any meet and greets we can have access to?


I’m gonna be there. Was going to ask if M&G might happen :grin: What time is everyone going to be heading to the Roundhouse?


I guess M&G will be put up nearer the time…not sure on time yet but early!! Look forward to seeing everyone!


Hi, guys!
Is there anyone with a spare ticket for London show? Sadly, I did not have the possibility to buy one at the time they came out.
Any kind of information would be appreciated.


I found out yesterday I cannot be off work that day, which sucks! I really hope I can make it on time. At this point I wish for the weather to such so I can cancel myself.


Hey I have one spare standing ticket, if your still after one​:blush::metal:


@acemasters might want it.


Yes I’m down for meeting up I’m going with my cousin and his girlfriend. What time are you heading to the roundhouse?